Baaabe? Baaaaaaaaabe!

I’ve just been so sleepy lately! Maybe it’s the changing weather, maybe it’s just that I’rm getting old. Yeesh.

The clarity nobody was asking for

Go go Mach rocket sheep is a combination of a number of different comic aspirations of mine.

I like making the true story comics when they come along because a) they’re funny and b) they are little stories about my family I don’t want to forget, and it’s a fun way of keeping those memories around. Most people I know in real life tend to like these ones the best.

I also continue to make charlie and the ghost strips, sans ghost. Charlie was my alter ego for over five years when I was updating that strip, so on occasion, it’s fun to use chuck to draw funny stuff that happened to friends, or that are based off of real conversations, or that I’d like to distance from myself to suspend disbelief or really for whatever reason. Most people I know in real life still think these comics are about stuff that happens to me, but not really so much these days. These ones are popular with people who like comic strips in general.

I have plenty of internal dialogue. It’s like an episode of scrubs up in my head. I also have plenty of dialogue with other people, and usually my brain takes what my friends are saying and twists it into something ridiculous. Often when I’m with friends I’ll just giggle for no reason and then I have to explain. Anyways- comics with me and chuck are usually either a thought process I’ve had, or an internal dialogue with myself, or my made-up recollection of a conversation I had with a friend. These ones are popular with my nerd buddies (usually because they can detect hints of our conversations in them).

The last type is not based on anything, I tend to make them when I have a funny idea for a comic that isn’t based in anything other than a funny thought I had. Also, when I’m lazy. These tend to bomb, or be the most popular comics I make, with internet people.

comics! Is there anything better than making comics???

Worth it?

Sometimes being lazy just results in more work. At least it is entertaining for any bystanders!

Today is my first day back from sabbatical. It’ll be good to see everyone again!

On books

I find academic books to be the worst for this. It’s like, if there are important ideas on a page, apparently the writer doesn’t need to be bothered with trying to organize their thoughts in a way that is appealing. Who is lazy, really: me, for hating a boring book, or the writer who didn’t even try to make it engaging?

I’ve been reading lots this summer. For fun, for school, and for work. My favourite read for fun has been “I want to eat your pancreas”. Strange title, but it’s a really sweet love story (if you don’t mind manga). For school, I’ve enjoyed “Christ’s call to Discipleship”. It’s a book with little fluff and a layout that communicates clearly, it’ll make it a useful reference book in the future. For work, I’ve been on sabbatical and I’ve read a ton… but my favourite read has been “Gospel fluency”. It’s accessible and does what many Christian books don’t do- it presents an idea, and then actually fleshes it out with relevant examples and counterpoint. Imagine that!

Teething can be dangerous

2014-6-2Josie is teething!  she’s got one lil’ chomper tooth sticken’ out, which causes Josie all sorts of grief.  I’m not gonna say it’s “first two months of Josie’s life” tiring, but there has been a definite breaking of the established routine, which affects Diana much more than it affects me, but that is making the both of us a little more lethargic than we have been.  I suppose that broken routine is just the new routine for parents.

Anyway, i guess what this comic is saying is this:  not even caffeine can help me any more!  Caffeine keeps away the headaches, but does nothing to give me energy.  -sigh- I guess i’ll have to find some super-caffeine!  or, maybe just be more disciplined to go to sleep on time.



…kinda putting all your eggs in one basket.

Everyone working a menial job has dreamed about waking up early, hopping in the shower trying to wake up, pouring the coffee, dragging yourself to the car, driving to the shop or the whatever, and finding that there has been some kind of extreme circumstance or natural disaster which ultimately means that you don’t have to work that day and can go home and sleep again.  …At least I hope others have had those thoughts, or else i might have some sort of mental disorder.    When I worked at Java Java, the dream was a water leak that flooded the entire place… We probably would of stayed open anyways.