H+R Block got nothin’ on you

2013-4-29This is a sign that exists IN REAL LIFE.  Sometimes, this stuff writes itself.
Well, I may have embellished a little bit.

Right now, I am sitting on a king sized bed in front of huge windows overlooking the beautiful rolling waves of the big blue pacific ocean!  Ucluelet, what a town!  Beautiful!



betcha can’t kick a pole.

2013-4-15there are…  well, frankly, odd scales by which people organize themselves in comparison to each other in a social sphere.  If I think for five seconds about it, I’m sure I could come up with a story.

Yep, got it.

There was a phase in my high school years when I had a camera, pre-digital mind you, and it was my goal to fill photo albums with crazy random pictures.  This was in the era of “family guy was still funny”, just to give you a frame of reference for what I mean by crazy and random.  When I lived in caronport, we had a shed in our back yard, and I took a picture of me jumping off of it; i snapped the picture at the sky as i was -ahem- landing gracefully on the ground flat on my back.  I got the picture mid-air.  I wish i could find it, it was an epic picture.  Both my feet were visible, as well as the shed roof, plus trees and a sky, and it was actually a pretty cool picture depicting the incredibleness of the feat i had accomplished.  It was totally worth being completely winded for like, ten straight minutes, and bruised for a week.  Why did I do that?  huh.  I don’t know, and I don’t think I really knew then either.  16 year olds do a lot of strange things for many strange reasons, but they do even more strange things for no reason at all.

But i’ll tell yah what, I guess I did have a reason.  Here it is:  none of my friends jumped off of their shed and landed on their back and got a picture mid-fall.  I was the only one who I knew who had ever done that… and that really meant something to 16 year old me.

I guess it means something to 27 year old me too, seeing as I remember it.