Embrace life

Happy new year!
as I mentioned yesterday, I managed alright with last year’s resolutions. This year’s resolution: no snacking (except for one day of the week, so that dates don’t suck, or if it’s what an event is centred around).

This may not seem like that big of a deal, but I’m bad at it and it’s probably the main reason I didn’t lose more weight last year when I exercised so much. So this year I’ll combine the two.

Life hangs in the balance

Sorry for the lack of comic yesterday! I woke up sick (convinced it was food poisoning). I went to work and felt like a zombie, so I went home in the afternoon and slept pretty much until the next morning. Today, I’m pretty much back to normal- one of those 24 hour bugs. Yeesh!

every time I get the flu or a cold or a bug, I get a bit dramatic about mortality. My mind goes to morbid places. Are humans resilient? Probably! Immune systems and whatnot.

Feel the burn!

Some of my sabbatical research focused around how people tend to find existential meaning in what they can accomplish. I would include myself in that camp, although I do think it’s a problematic way of looking at life (because accomplishing things isn’t always on life’s agenda). Hopefully you want more than work and debt! 😉

it’s inevitable.

2014-9-30oh man.  So, last night, watched grave of fireflies again!  that movie.  it’s got me all thinky.

One of the most exciting and terrifying thoughts i’ve had this week is just how quickly things can get awesome, and how quickly things can fall apart.  Maybe those moments when nothing is happening are actually the moments I should actually be cherishing, and be thankful for.  Change is right around the corner, for better or for worse.

Have a great Tuesday everyone! and don’t watch grave of fireflies if you want to be care-free.


Love is like a metaphor

2014-9-10I drew this as I was watching Forrest Gump.  OH MAN.  Crying in a room of dudes is totally the manliest way to spend a tuesday night.  Have a great wednesday everyone!


if you blink, you’ll miss it!



many, many words.

Josie is getting so big!  her face has changed shape like three times now.  OH MAN!  kids age so fast, and as an adult, time just seems to slip through my fingers!  life is short.


Finding joy in the little things


It occurs to me that this comic may be a good metaphor for how finding contentment in life may look to others who are discontent.  You should know, for your own sanity, that when i drive up steep hills on my scooter, i move over to the shoulder and let others pass me.  I do enjoy getting swept up in the moment of driving exactly 55 kmph, my scooter is a 2004 honda ruckus, and that was deemed “Fast enough” in 2004 i guess.  New ruckus’ go up to 65, and yamaha speed-restricted scooters go up to 70, but whatever.  Sometimes, speed is more of a feeling and less of a number.  …unless you’re going up a steep hill.  Then speed is something i don’t really like to talk about.

Anyways, have a good thursday!