Redbull gives you wings

cge006I always liked the redbull commercials where the guy drinks a redbull, sprouts wings, and then flies away.  For a while, they could get away without the ridiculous tag at the end of the commercial, which went something like “Redbull doesn’t ACTUALLY give you wings… it’s an energy boosting blah blah blah”.  It must suck when your company’s tag-line is considered a lie, and you have to disclaimer it.  it’d be like…

McDonalds: “I’m lovin* it!”  *actually, we just LIKE McDonalds.  You wouldn’t marry a hamburger.

Apple:  “Think Different*.”   *as long as you think like us.

Google:  “Don’t be Evil*.”  *evil really is dependent on one’s perspective and position, so, if you have to be evil, change your perspective or position so you can get away with it.

Walmart:  “Save money*.  Live better**.”   *in the short term.  **if our suppliers can’t, you might as well be able too!

I think it’s sad that redbull had to put the tag on the end.  I think that, generally, people know that ads lie to them, and redbull’s straight-out lie was refreshing!  (i guess that was ten years ago… man i feel old).

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


the wisdom of resolutions


It’s not my fault that McDonalds introduced poutine right when people make resolutions to change their life style!  Do you think the CEO of McDonalds and the CEO of big gyms are constantly trying to out-fox one another?  no?  yeah…. probably not.  but still, McDonalds poutine exists, and even though it isn’t especially tasty, it is ESPECIALLY CONVENIENT!  and really, that’s almost as important.  It’s why Tim Hortons is so popular, after all!
…this is a very canadian blog post, i’m realizing.  Tim Hortons?  Poutine?  And just to set the record straight: i ain’t got nuthin’ against tim hortons.  As a rule, if a drink puts caffeine into me, i don’t really care what it tastes like.

look alive, joe!

2013-6-26Hmm.  hope the font isn’t too small on this one.
If you go to the vedder mcdonalds ever, you know what i’m talking about!

Very tired.  Last night we moved my mom and dad into their new place.  YAY!  exciting.  I also got to look through a box of really old “all the cool stuff of rob’s worth keeping box” which was fun for me and dull for everyone else.  IN ANY CASE!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Where dreams go to die


Surely, I jest.  McDonalds was one of the most enjoyable places I ever worked, and I’m not being sarcastic when I state that!  Working at McDonalds was like going to summer camp, except I made more money.  That being said, the McDonalds near my residence… It is not a happy place.    Much the opposite, I suspect.  The type of place where orders are screwed up, not out of error, but out of spite, as the only means of expression employees have against “the man”. -sigh- I just wanted crispy chicken on my wrap.