Space Chuck Web: 20!

Spacechuck web 20

A few more weeks of Space-chuck, and this book will be finished!  Hopefully, if people are interested in reading it, over the years to come i’ll get a chance to flesh out other aspects of the Space-chuck universe, but “Space-chuck PRELUDE” will be wrapping up… and we’ll be back into the daily short-form stuff here on the site.

Every time I change how I do the comic, there are hard lessons i learn.  Here is what I’ve learned this time, doing this graphic novel:
1)  Drawing five pages a week takes more time than drawing three frames a day… seems obvious, but for some reason, i thought doing a comic like this would free up some time for my other responsibilities by spreading out my draw-time over a week instead of once a day.
1.5)  It’s probably not a GREAT idea to sacrifice time and expect a higher level of artistic quality.
2)  From the perspective of the reader and the feedback i’ve gotten: Reading five pages once a week is a lot more difficult for people than reading three frames a day.  Not only that, but expecting people to track with a story, once a week, over the course of a few months, is kind of a stretch if they aren’t used to that kind of thing.
3)  The next time I do a large project like this, It’d be good to see if I have the discipline to release it all at once instead of weekly… that way, even though there’d be a lag in regular updates, people could actually get the story i’m trying to tell.  Could I follow deadlines when no one gets to see the work?  hmm…


Maybe i’ll try colour next.  who knows.  Again- thanks for reading!  There’s still a few weeks, maybe a month, left of the story.  As always, you can click the link at the top of the page to read the entire thing!


Space Chuck Web #9

Spacechuck web 9Happy Thursday!

will our heroes escape the useless ship they once thought was their salvation?  Will they get any of the answers they crave?  TUNE IN NEXT TIME TO FIND OUT!

Also- excuse the few spelling errors!  It’ll get fixed before print! 😀

A couple reminders: you can easily read the entire “space-chuck” story by clicking the “ALL the space-chucks” link at the top of the page!  Also, if you click the “store” link, you will see that all my books are $15, including my new book, “that’s not art- a charlie and the ghost collection”.

Thanks so much for sticking with me and reading these silly comics!


Property virgins

2013-6-25bSometimes, a guy just has to draw a mechwarrior… I’ll get into that a bit later.

Yesterday, I was ranting a bit about reality TV.  Today, i’m gonna rant a bit about property virgins.  Is property virgins reality TV?  Ordinary people buying their first house?  I guess?  How is it possible that these people buying a house don’t do ANY research into what they can afford before they start looking for a house on national television?  or are they not allowed to, so that it is more entertaining?  Here is my impression of property virgins:

“I have a hundred thousand dollar budget, and i’d like a below-ground swimming pool.  Where?  Ideally, downtown vancouver….”

“That would cost a trillion dollars.”

“lol really? what can I get for $100,000 then?”


So on to mech warriors.  I was reminiscing about the last time I played mechwarrior online.  It was mechwarrior 4, my second favourite game of all time.  I was in a musty basement apartment in regina saskatchewan, across from the golden mile.  I was playing, and it was an incredibly competitive match.  One guy especially was dominating everyone online, he had a lot of skill, he could manipulate every loop hole in the game.  I remember being so stressed out by this guy, who was ALWAYS online, that I decided to stop playing for a week, just to see if my quality of life improved.

It didn’t, my apartment was still musty and gross.  so, with nothing to lose, I tried to play mechwarrior 4 online again!  Only to find that the servers were shut down, permanently?  SO SAD!  How i’ve longed for the day to play that game again!  …though preferably with people worse then me, but still passionate about the game!  So that I can win, and then talk about it.  hmm.

I hear there is a mechwarrior online that is a fairly recent happening, but now that i’m a mac user, is there really even a point in looking it up?  I won’t be able to play it.  Sad.