So many streaming services to choose from!

This is a true story (well, all except the last panel, although the thought has crossed my mind). Prime, Netflix, Disney +… I’m still under the cost of cable, but we’re getting pretty close, especially seeing as most cable packages these days offer streaming of episode backlogs.

My youngest daughter is at that age where every phrase coming out of her mouth is pure comedic gold. This was my favourite from yesterday!

The plight of the musician

2014-9-26Oh man.  I was thinking about getting back into song writing and recording and stuff… Drawing and music have always worked hand in hand for me… it’s nice to have something to switch out with, you know?  Anyways.  I got nominated for a bloggin’ award of some sort!  yay.  I don’t know how it works, I’m going to figure out how that all works tomorrow, so you can expect a saturday post, though it won’t be the norm!  Have a great weekend everyone!


Cookies, part two


They’re to DIE FOR!

Have a great thursday everyone!  It’s thursday, right?  For some reason, I have lost my sense of time.


2014-6-27Girl guide cookies, Krispie Kreme doughnuts, bottle drives (which means you gotta drink coke), chocolate sales… MAN ALIVE!  Is there a way to raise funds that doesn’t involve sugar?  LET’S START A REVOLUTION!

I’m proposing that people sell CARROTS to raise funds, and people’s vision stats!

Have a great weekend everyone!  The girl in this comic is the grown-up version of my daughter!  yay!


counterfeit dolla billz

2014-6-25I mean, who hasn’t tried to photocopy money?  i mean, like, as a kid?  not as an adult, cause that would land you in JAIL!  And maybe, even kids might go to kid-jail.  Juvee.  However you spell it.  I guess you probably shouldn’t photocopy money, is the moral to the story!  OR put pennies on train tracks, because a)  canada doesn’t make pennies anymore and they will be worth something some day and b)  that’s how TRAIN FIRES start.

I HATE getting counterfeit twenties.  It used to happen when we would sell Tshirts at our band’s merch table.  the worst!  It’s not like the bank will give you a new one.  it’s just lost money.  I hate getting stolen from.  I don’t think anyone especially likes getting stolen from, come to think of it.  I’ve had stuff stolen on a few occasions, and every time, I take it poorly.


Have a great Wednesday everyone!


save our souls!


So I had a dream that I died on a huge pile of money.  Not gonna lie, it’s not the kind of dream you wake up stoked about.

Money!  I guess i’ve been thinking of it?  who doesn’t.


It’s called Jealousy, and it’s ugly


Glory!  what does it mean to let someone else have the glory?

If someone breaks your record of “most goals scored”, do you celebrate with them or do you work harder to reclaim your laurel?

If you do an AMAZING job, do you give the credit to your boss? Or, if your boss takes credit, are you OK with that, or do you secretly (or not so secretly) think that you deserve HIS job? After all, you do all the work, right?

How about if someone else’s KID is better than your kid at something?  Parents, are we willing to let other people’s kids get the glory we think our kids deserve?

Why is it hard to glory in a friend succeeding where I am failing?  It is so much easier to think “that should be me” then to simply celebrate with them.

I think it’s worth thinking through where we might be a glory-monger in our lives, and giving it up.  It’s a destructive habit.  And if you live life like that, chances are you’ll lose friends!  And if you lose your friends, what’s the point?  Good friends are hard to come by.