Space Chuck Web 3

Spacechuck web 3

AH!  an update that ISN’T on a monday?  it’s true.  After only ONE WEEK of updating on monday, i’ve decided i will go crazy if i only update once a week.  For one thing- now that i’m starting to get a bit of a process down for drawing these, i think a huge update once a week isn’t going to be helpful for people to read!

Also, in talking to people, one difficulty about a once-a-week update schedule is that people forget what happened in the story last time.  Twice a week, monday and thursday, will do three things:

1)  Keep the page-count to a readable amount
2)  Help people track with the story
3)  Feed my narcissism.

IN OTHER NEWS:  My new book should be available dec 1st!  I’m just waiting on my revised copy.  Diana vetoed my first attempt at a cover, and i’m glad she did… it was boring and awful to look at.  SUPER EXCITED for it to be finished!

Also, If you get lost in the story, you can click the “ALL the space-chucks” tab at the top of the page to read the whole thing from start to finish!  as the story gets longer, the page will take longer to load, but i think it should be OK.


BIG BANKS! it’s how they get yah.

2014-7-16ugh.  POLICY!  bank policies change without any notification to the people who the policy affects.  Allow me a quick rant:

I think certain banks foster a culture of untrustworthiness.  Every time I go to my bank, there is at least one policy change which makes it impossible for me to do what I want to do, but inevitably what happens is after 5 minutes of checking on their PC to make sure i’m not evil, they come up with some way of manipulating their system within their policies to do what I asked in the first place.  AND THEN, they try to sell you upgrades to your account.  OK rant over.

I’m aware banks have policies to protect the monies of it’s customers and ensure fraud doesn’t exist… it just sucks that the policies don’t leave room for trusting honest customers!