it’s a real catch 22


I’m really tired, but I don’t want to sleep, because If I sleep, I won’t be making any of the stuff I want to make.  BUT, i’m so tired that I don’t feel inspired in ANY WAY to make anything anyway.  SO, do I sleep, and not have time to make anything, or stay awake, and make stuff that isn’t of any importance what-so-ever?  Sleep and feel guilty, or stay awake and feel frustrated?

Lately, the cure has been the final fantasy X HD remaster… although it’s not really a cure, sort of the exact opposite.  I can play this game half-awake, and enjoy myself, and it’s so pretty that I feel artistic.  This is a DANGEROUS combination, as it both robs me of sleep, and helps me accomplish none of my goals!

Anyways, have a great week everyone!

the joys of being 27


…i’m gonna go take a snooze.  so sleepy…  I’d write more, but it would all revolve around how tired i am.  Why am I so tired?  no one knows!  zzzz