Free indeed

2013-8-27Yesterday was one of those awesome rainy days where it is really hot, and the rain is warm, and I didn’t mind getting absolutely, completely drenched on my scooter drive home… which I did.  I did get drenched.  I wasn’t the only one, mind you, plenty of people were out on jogs or sitting on their lawns and benches just taking in the weird sensation of having rain be warm.  It’s like… being fully clothed, having a relaxing shower in public.

If I were in saskatchewan, I’m sure someone would say “That means tornadoes”.  But I am in BC, and as far as I know, it is highly unlikely that a tornado will form in the mountains.  We have our own natural disasters to worry about, like earthquakes, rock-slides and volcanoes!  FUN!

Anyways, the next time it rains, i will be prepared… I need to get some slush pants or something.