“Love is blind” *wretches*

This show is hot garbage. I’ve got some notes that could spice it up a bit.

  1. They aren’t allowed to leave the show until they’ve picked a spouse (If they try to leave, they’re fugitives with a death sentence)
  2. it’s a mad rush to get the good spouses, So they would need to throw some obviously ugly personalities in there (who would have ugly faces too)
  3. also, they’re not allowed to get divorced (nick lachey would kill them at some point in the future)
  4. also, the contestants are selected randomly from a cross-section of the general public
  5. also, one person would be a death row inmate fighting for their freedom (which one is it? what did they do? Sub-plot!)

for real though, it’s a train wreck. Nick lachey is in it for a total of three minutes. It’s so contrived, it has no soul.

A week of snow days

True story. A week of snow days means we worked our way through quite a bit of the Disney catalogue, caught up on new seasons of old classics, and somehow managed to obliterate our data cap (which, if I’m not mistaken, is 500 gigs a month). We got faster internet a while back, which came with a bump in data (from 300 gigs to 500 gigs) for ten dollars cheaper a month without a contract (go figure!), but it looks like even that isn’t enough if we’re all stuck inside streaming our own thing on different devices. Luckily for me, it’s definitely the odd month out, we don’t typically spend that much time watching tv.

that being said, we are prone to binge watching stuff. This week, it was some cheerleading reality show on Netflix. SO MUCH DRAMA! It sucks me in.

So many streaming services to choose from!

This is a true story (well, all except the last panel, although the thought has crossed my mind). Prime, Netflix, Disney +… I’m still under the cost of cable, but we’re getting pretty close, especially seeing as most cable packages these days offer streaming of episode backlogs.

My youngest daughter is at that age where every phrase coming out of her mouth is pure comedic gold. This was my favourite from yesterday!

Real mature

Alright, alright, so it’s a bit juvenile. I just watched like 2 hours of netflix’s “Hyperdrive” so I’m very much in a giddy immature mood. That show is amazing by the way, and you need to watch it if you have A) ever played with hot wheels as a kid or B) just like joy. I mean, the announcers are a bit over the top, but everything about that show is over the top so it gets a pass.

Remember when everyone got Netflix and got rid of cable? Well, those dern’ cable companies have wised up and are wrecking the whole point of streaming services… which was (for me) the convenience of paying a little bit and getting a lot of content. I really want to watch battle star, and I’m definitely not getting “peacock.” What does that mean? I guess I’ll have to wait and buy it? Or have a wealthy friend who subscribes to every streaming service available and watch it a their house.

follow your dreams!

cge007Go netflix! may netflix never go the way of youtube, with its mandatory ads that are longer then the clips i actually want to be watching.  Of course, it’s only a matter of time.


…Big words.

2014-10-20I don’t know if you’ve ever watched “Gilmore girls”, but it is on netflix, and it is funny, and you COULD totally watch it!  It’s got witty writing and rapid delivery.   there are many dated pop-culture references, but they don’t really detract from the show.  Also, they use big words that i don’t know!  so its educational.  Anyway- this has been my review of a show that hasn’t had a new episode since 2007!



A dilemma indeed.

2014-10-15Time for sleep!  Go outside and play!  😀