SEMANTICS, i tell you!



Seriously!  include some instructions why don’cha!

If you’re following this comic through wordpress or email, thank-you so much!  It warms my heart, and I hope you are enjoying this comic!  I personally love the reader, it’s nice scrolling through all the blogs I like reading.

If you are following this comic through facebook, read on- I’m hoping to make some changes!

About a year ago, facebook changed how stuff shared on a person’s profile works!  I’ve had SO many people who used to read this strip come up to me and say, “Man, I LOVED charlie and the ghost!  Why did you quit?” and I say, “uh… I didn’t!” and they say, “really?  How come I don’t see your comics anymore?”  which kinda sucks!  I mean, i’m not world-famous, i need every fan I can get!  😀

So I stopped being lazy, bit the bullet and made a “charlie and the ghost webcomic facebook page”.  If you follow through facebook and want to see the comics in a more reliable fashion, please click “like” on the page!  In about a week, I’m gonna stop sharing the comics on my personal profile.



Don’t Worry, new dads! (part 2)

2014-6-4As promised, a comic about being a dad that more accurately reflects my experience!  Or, at least, the grand majority of my experience being a dad, where crying isn’t what she is doing.  Infact, as I type this, my five-and-a-half month old baby is currently almost pooping herself as she exerts so much effort to attempt to crawl to get to a ball that is just out of her reach.  Five-and-a-half-months!  almost crawling!  I don’t know if that’s good, but I think it’s exceptional!  Don’t give up little Jo-jo, little José, little Josie buttons!  You GOT this!  She doesn’t even get mad and look at me to help her… she just keeps on keepin’ on.  YES.



Don’t worry, new dads!

2014-6-3Based on a true story!  Many true stories, actually.  Don’t worry though, comics like this do not accurately or adequately summarize my feelings as a new dad.

The glory of being a dad eclipses the decibel level of my child’s lungs!  Or at least, when she is testing the physical limitations of my ear drums, that is what I need to remind myself.  She’s a LOUD CHILD… and I have sensitive ears!  I mean, even though her mother and I are both loud, and you would think that would have prepared me, maybe I just need to invest in some noise cancelling headphones! haha…

Maybe my goal for wednesday should be to make a comic about being a dad that doesn’t involve complaining in some way! haha.  CHALLENGE: accepted.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!