post-baby haze


20160713_080658I actually MADE a CHX-139b tshirt! I love it. 😀  Just a killer picture.  I forgot how exhausting it is to have a new-born.  I mean, i remember anecdotally how tired i was, but i think the actual memories were repressed in order to maintain my facade of sanity.  IT ALL COMES SCREAMING BACK!

Why cant babies just sleep during the night?  Our new baby is nocturnal, i’m sure of it.



SEMANTICS, i tell you!



Seriously!  include some instructions why don’cha!

If you’re following this comic through wordpress or email, thank-you so much!  It warms my heart, and I hope you are enjoying this comic!  I personally love the reader, it’s nice scrolling through all the blogs I like reading.

If you are following this comic through facebook, read on- I’m hoping to make some changes!

About a year ago, facebook changed how stuff shared on a person’s profile works!  I’ve had SO many people who used to read this strip come up to me and say, “Man, I LOVED charlie and the ghost!  Why did you quit?” and I say, “uh… I didn’t!” and they say, “really?  How come I don’t see your comics anymore?”  which kinda sucks!  I mean, i’m not world-famous, i need every fan I can get!  😀

So I stopped being lazy, bit the bullet and made a “charlie and the ghost webcomic facebook page”.  If you follow through facebook and want to see the comics in a more reliable fashion, please click “like” on the page!  In about a week, I’m gonna stop sharing the comics on my personal profile.



Coffee-dog VS Josie-baby. ready- FIGHT!

2014-1-30Coffee-dog and josie-baby have a love-hate relationship.  Coffee hates how loud Josie is.  Josie hates when Coffee licks her face.  Now, i know what you’re thinking: I shouldn’t let my dog lick my baby’s face.  that is true.  But i also know this:  every time I want to see my dog, it usually takes me about twenty minutes of searching, because she’s so terrified at all the super-loud noises Josie makes.  And that girl has QUITE a set of lungs on her.

Josie loves grabbing coffee’s hair and flailing about.  Coffee loves when Josie poops.  Dogs love poop.  Josie loves lying on her chair and bouncing; coffee loves lying underneath the chair and waiting for poop to happen.  It’s crazy, how much of Diana’s and my life revolves around poop.

the wire-bounce chair is a lifesaver.  We wouldn’t get any sleep if it weren’t for that thing.