news is scary

2014-7-30Some people treat politics like sports…cheering for their favourite side, citing statistics to bolster their arguments, turning complex situations into bite-sized play-by-play, cheering on their heroes and hissing at the opposition. it makes me SO uncomfortable…  When I am uncomfortable, I tend to make dumb jokes.  This comic is one of those.


this one’s for you, chilliwack…

2013-3-5I feel like I have a legitimate right to complain about people complaining about chlorine in the water.  It’s true that Chilliwack had the second best tasting water in the world, and believe me, our water tasted THAT GOOD!  BETTER then bottled water.  oh man.  people would buy bottled water when they would come and visit me here, and i’d just laugh and say “that was bottled down the street.  Just drink the tap water.”   and they wouldn’t believe me, so i’d flip over the bottle and show them.

I lived in a town called Bienfait, Saskatchewan; a town with so much soda in the water, kool-aid tasted like flat orange crush.  THAT was NASTY water.  It didn’t matter how much you filtered it, how much you chilled it… it tasted awful, always.  They have a right to complain about their water… it was dreadful.  You’d boil some KD and it would come out carbonated (well, no, but, i wonder what that would be like?  is that EVEN POSSIBLE!?)

Now!  Chilliwack:  your water still tastes good!  YES, it does.  Not as good, true, but still good.  Not second-best-in-the-world-good, but it is still bearable.  it is still better then the water that most of Canada drinks, and it is still 100% better then the water that most of our impoverished world drinks.  SO!  Stop complaining, buy a Brita, or you know what, don’t!  It tastes FINE yah big babies.

Having just purchased a home, I now enjoy newspapers dropped on my doorstep!  WOOT!  BUT!  all anyone in Chilliwack cares about is the stupid drinking water, and so, please, people, let’s choose to move on!  Let’s be proactive!  When someone says “our water sucks now” say “How about that sports game?” and change the subject.  Honestly.   I want to read about other things, now that I get newspapers…

Canadian Politics

Honestly, i’m sure that most Canadians, even historically and politically uninformed Canadians, know the name Trudeau.  That being said, besides the charisma associated with the name “Trudeau”, and the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms (if my history-class serves me right…) I’m the first to admit that i’d have to brush up on my research like crazy if i’m to have an actual opinion on anything… Plus, is it fair to research the father’s work to know about the son?
In any case, I don’t know much of anything about Canadian politics.  I know more Canadians that know about American politics than I do Canadians about Canadian politics.  I should probably start being a bit more pro-active in this area of public life so that I can have a valid opinion.
Anyways, hope everyone has a good wednesday!