Yes, kid. Whatever you want, just don’t wake me up until 7am.

Both my daughters are at the age where they’re generally pretty good at sleeping until their clocks tell them it’s okay to wake up. That being said, the second the ‘sun wakes up’ on their clock, you better believe they’re expecting everyone else to be awake and ready to go. On more than one occasion, Diana and I were sleeping pleasantly and were jarred awake by the door flinging open and a preschooler yelling “sun’s awake!” And slamming the door. She’s not even a morning person.

A steller paint job

2013-6-20This comic is 100% inspired by my friends Graeme and Ollie!

ugh.  today is dentist time.  to make dentist time more enjoyable, I am thinking I will watch nothing but star trek until it is dentist time.  yay!  have a good one.