That’s some good crap

It was never going to change the world.

They say write what you know- and I know that it’s usually a bad idea to sit down and draw a comic in the middle of breakfast. So then, the question is: why do I consistently sit down to draw a comic in the middle of breakfast?

yesterday’s comic (about soap) and today’s comic (about breakfast) both point to the same reality: I’m pretty impatient. And dramatic. I wonder if those two things tend to go together?

the pickle jar metaphor


BUT WHAT IS IT A META-FOR? hmm.  I’ll let you fill in that blank!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Be patient with your food containers, you don’t wanna eat glass.

patience is a virtue! …but punctuality is a SUPER VIRTUE.

2013-12-31seriously.  i guess if there is anyone who should be allowed to make people wait, it is doctors… seeing as they save lives and everything… but i mean, surely somewhere, there exists a person who is able to accurately schedule the amount of time it takes to see patients and then give people an accurate time to show up for an appointment.  i mean, inherent within the word “appointment” is the idea that it starts at a specific time!  whatever.


waiting… waiting… waiting…



6 days over-due and counting!  OR, if we go by the ultrasound, right on schedule.  -sigh-
Have a great week everyone!  Also, it’s not a bad idea to reboot the router once in a while.  Er… Do routers technically “boot” ?