quality VS convenience


I realize it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog-archive, so here’s a new post, with my musings about digital art!

The big thing in this update, art-wise, is the big shift back towards a little cheapie intuos drawing tablet.  I say cheepie, but these are going for $100 now?  Yowzaz.  I’m pretty sure I only spent like $75 on mine.  In any case!  This downgrade has been a (surprisingly) large factor in leading me to update regularly once again.

Digital art is meant to be convenient.  No scanning and clean up, the awesome “undo” feature, copy and pasting, resizing and transforming, not really having to be too careful to wreck something irreparably with poor drawing decisions or coloring, etc.  It’s great for comics.  And I’ve always been lucky enough to steadily upgrade my drawing setups and software so that nothing technology-wise was ever limiting to what I wanted to make.  Super convenient!

BUT toddlers aren’t built for convenience, they’re built to knock things off of desks and pull everything out of drawers and generally just make a glorious mess.  That has been a big hinderance to me using all my fancy and expensive digital drawing tools, because the anxiety of me not wanting them to get wrecked has led me to… not draw with them that often.

But the little Wacom is a tough little unit, and i’m not too worried if it gets pulled of the desk and dropped.  I lose a LOT of capability with that setup, but it’s not like these comics are redefining digital art, so it’s an acceptable compromise.

Go comics go!

Also- I do fully intend on reviewing some graphic novels I’ve been reading lately.  I just want to figure out a good format to do it.  So if you’re like me, and you like spending $10-15 dollars on a graphic novel that’ll take you a week to casually read and enjoy, but you JUST DON’T KNOW what to get, stay tuned!


BAH…what does “health” have to do with looking good?

2014-8-12Unhealthy in many more ways than one.

So much about our celebrity culture is just so unhealthy.  Unhealthy for the viewer, but even more so, unhealthy for the celebrity/athlete/public figure themselves.  How can anyone live up to the hype?





so i’m trying out Manga Studio as a possible, much cheaper alternative to photoshop.  It has it’s quirks for sure!  Like, no spell check, different hot-keys (which are customizable, and i just changed to what i’m used too, so not that big of a deal), and it likes to try and sense what you are doing and help you out (speech bubbles, etc) which is cool when it works and incredibly frustrating when it doesn’t.  It registers the ol’ intuos pretty well, except for the “first point”….  Like, with photoshop, if I press the pen down hard, it makes a big dot… But with Manga Studio, if I press the pen down hard, it makes a small dot, until I move the pen, then it explodes to be a big dot.  My old bamboo tablet used to do this, and I assumed it was a hardware thing, but maybe it’s a driver thing.  Some of the cool features it has are automatic frames (with all the masking and whatnot built in), as well as pretty simple tool customization, and easily accessible textures, and easy speech bubble tools!  Overall, a pretty good experience.  The only downside is when I am working on larger files, it really REALLY slows down, making it pretty difficult to draw on, where as photoshop doesn’t really skip a beat, so I’m not sure if i’ll be able to entirely cut photoshop out of the picture.

The pen tools are really nice though, and you can use pen tools on a vector layer, making vector drawing really really easy on my computer!  yay.

Anyways!  HOW DO WE REEEECH THESE KIIIIIIDS!?  the Miley Cyrus reference is a month old by this point, but that’s kind of the point.  It’s crazy how fast stuff is old news these days.

Have a great weekend!