quiet, peaceful, serene…

2014-8-24Ah, kids.  they’re always kicking soccer balls really hard at yah and throwing Frisbee’s at your face.

Yesterday, cultus lake was an interesting experience.  We usually go to maple bay, which is the beach furthest from the entrance to the park, which is usually the least populated even during the busy weekends.  …This was not the case yesterday.

It’s hard to relax and read a book when there are several different groups of children playing sports HARD a meter away from where your 8 month old daughter is sitting.  And!  and it’s not like we set up our picnic beside sports that were already going!  Nope, they looked at the ENTIRE open field and decided, “Next to that baby will be a good place to play sports”.  AND, they were all just young enough to not be able to control where the ball/frisbee/botche/anything were going.  RELAXING INDEED!

I guess this is how I turn into an old curmudgeon of a man.  I EMBRACE IT.  GET OFF MY LAWN.


Picnic time!


This joke was written by a good friend and mentor of mine, Jon Luesink!  I’m told it’s based on a true story… haha!

Mother’s day was fun, had mom and dad over, and mom absolutely DESTROYED me in settlers of Catan (star trek edition, of course!).  It was brutal.  She absolutely dominated, never have I so poorly chosen where to put my colonies.

Also, last night was the first night in me and Diana’s new place that I sleep-walked!  So, there’s that.  I’d give you more details, but I don’t remember them, because I was sleep walking.

Have a good monday everyone!