Doing time

cge018For some reason, these comics always seem to circle around to prison.  There are these prison documentaries on netflix that scare the CRAP out of me.  There was one on solitary confinement and how it messes with people.  I can’t even imagine what that must be like.

Anyways!  yikes.  Be honest on your resume!  it’s a good policy.



BIG BANKS! it’s how they get yah.

2014-7-16ugh.  POLICY!  bank policies change without any notification to the people who the policy affects.  Allow me a quick rant:

I think certain banks foster a culture of untrustworthiness.  Every time I go to my bank, there is at least one policy change which makes it impossible for me to do what I want to do, but inevitably what happens is after 5 minutes of checking on their PC to make sure i’m not evil, they come up with some way of manipulating their system within their policies to do what I asked in the first place.  AND THEN, they try to sell you upgrades to your account.  OK rant over.

I’m aware banks have policies to protect the monies of it’s customers and ensure fraud doesn’t exist… it just sucks that the policies don’t leave room for trusting honest customers!



anarchy vs politia


Policy is important, right?  wrong?  I think good policy is very important.

The best way to breed criminal behaviour is by having policy that makes it impossible to do something legally!

For example, I was reading on twitter that a guy who bought an HD movie through itunes couldn’t play it on his older apple cinema display because of HDCP… so, a legitimately purchased HD movie, purchased through apple’s own channels, couldn’t even be played on a legitimate apple cimena display because of digital protection methods that were put in place once HDMI connections got a little more established!  Normally, this may lead a person to say, “well, i tried”, and go to their favourite bittorrent source to obtain the movie through illegal, DRM free, channels.  (in fact, i read the guy ended up converting the movie to SD to get it to play, so good on him for not going the illegal route!  Yay, Scott Kurtz!  I don’t know many who would go to that length, although technically, i don’t know Scott Kurtz either.  haha)

So that’s dumb.

But what about when good policy still makes life harder?  Policy isn’t meant to make life easier, it’s meant to guide, govern and protect.  Good or bad policy doesn’t mean easy or difficult…  ugh.  It’s still enough to make my head spin.

I don’t think i could be a politician.