The real debate this election

You live in Canada? You VOTE yet? Advanced polls? Exercise your democratic right! If you’re old enough, that is. If you aren’t old enough, make sure you start caring about this stuff.

This comic inspired by no real conversation- just those general nagging memories of being in high school and annoyed at most of the in-class dialogue. Boy oh boy do people have opinions on democracy and the current political situation! Everything from which party we should vote for down to the problems inherent within the system of Canadian democracy. Me and my legion of arm-chair politicians will have this country up in running in no time.

I never used to care about politics, but then I realized that being apathetic about the political state of the world isn’t admirable or cool (although being apathetic about hockey is pretty admirable AND cool). So, you know, make sure you get informed and vote.

A few weeks worth!

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So, if you haven’t watched through the “two friends” video I posted at the top of the page, please do!  It is a story i wrote in 2008, drew in 2009, re-drew in 2015 and animated last week!  I had a few friends help me with the voice work, and i am really happy with how it turned out!  give it a watch and a share if you wouldn’t mind. 😀

Its nice working on bigger projects like that, which are released all at once.  Updating daily allows for a lot of content, updating less regularly allows for more depth and subtlety (although, i wouldn’t say “two friends” is subtle).  Anyways!  Just things i’m thinking about! 😀

Embracing the inevitable

cge105 cge106 cge107 cge108 cge109

All the comics this week have something to do with embracing the inevitable.  I started the week off with a healthy dose of complaining about how inevitable it is to see videos i don’t wanna see due to Facebook auto-playing everything (regardless of how many times i turn auto-play off).  Writer’s block: inevitable.  Getting older and uglier:  inevitable!  Having TONS of great toys, only to have your kid be more interested in a box?  Yep, that’s inevitable.  And finally, frustration with entitlement and the political system.  inevitable.

news is scary

2014-7-30Some people treat politics like sports…cheering for their favourite side, citing statistics to bolster their arguments, turning complex situations into bite-sized play-by-play, cheering on their heroes and hissing at the opposition. it makes me SO uncomfortable…  When I am uncomfortable, I tend to make dumb jokes.  This comic is one of those.


we all just need to let out our inner heart-song, amirite?

2014-3-18There are several large hurdles I’d have to overcome if I were to write a successful politically charged album’s worth of hip hop.  FIRST:  I’d have to know some stuff about politics.  Right now, all’s I know’s is we’re seconds away from WWIII and China stole another country’s airliner?  Or at least, that’s what the man with the tin-foil hat who stands outside Canadian tire told me.  SECOND:  I’d have to be able to write hip hop.  Rappin’. Loopin’.  Beats. Etc.  …I can’t do that though.  That’s kind of an important step.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


of goodness and relativity

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i don’t think that “good” is relative, though i will admit that we as humans have an incredibly broad perspective with regards to what we as a species consider to be good, with countless factors that inform these perspectives, which gives the appearance of relativity.  I must believe that beyond every individual’s personal perception is an ideal goodness that no one lives up too, and I think people react to that in various ways.  Our world is formed by failure after failure, built by the hands of humans trying their best to reconcile the factors which inform their perspectives of goodness with the realities of finite existence.
Of course, it can be damaging when a person claims to have exclusive access to the objective standard of goodness.
But i think it’s safe to say that cheap coffee ain’t worth killing over.

where’s the justice?

cg39 100justice.
This world is pretty messed up.  There is so much wrong with the world, so many awful things that are self perpetuating that it’s hard not to be exasperated by it all.
To quote the movie “wargames”, “the only winning move is not to play.”