My Workspace reflects my headspace

I’m working from home. I’ve crammed my work office into my garage. It’s a little crammed, but so is my head, so what yah gonna do? It’s actually a pretty great way to get a ton of work done.

so what are you doing to pass the time?

No problem

I am an introvert. But being stuck at home isn’t really an introvert’s dream! Being stuck anywhere is a pain.


2013-9-24when i lived in saskatchewan, and it was much colder than it is here, the strings on a bunny-hug (which is what hoodies were called in saskatchewan) actually had a very essential purpose…. the prevention of windburn and frostbite!  Here, in the lower mainland, the strings on hoodies are really just a nuisance… something to chew on and get really gross looking.
anyhoo!  happy tuesday.  Try to cover your mouth to prevent the spread of germs!