It’s s winter wonderland

Winter in the Fraser valley! It’s a bit… uh, moody.

big thanks to my friend rick who, after hearing of my t&t woes last week with my having driven to buy noodles that were out of stock, made it a point to Messsage me the next time he stopped at t&t and picked my noodles up for me. There are noodles in the world again!!!

is that why it’s titled “friends?”

2014-9-2It feels like today is monday, even though it’s tuesday.  long weekends!  They mess with the head.

Even though I know the story, and all the jokes, and even the rhythm and cadence of the character’s lines, i still love watching through friends.  It’s the TV equivalent of hot chocolate, comfortable and cosy.

Have a great week!



Mable’s a delight, really.

2014-8-6I’ve been trying to bike too and from work at least once a day for the month of august.  Most of the time, it’s been good… I put on an audio book and pedal.  Yesterday it was garbage day, which wasn’t awesome, because as I’m driving i’m catching a whiff of every house’s take out leftovers.  I distinctly remember some sort of curry, lasagne, and one house was particularly citrus-ey.

That which is pictured in the comic also happens with regularity…  those little mobility scooters take up a lot of space in the bike lane.  The bike lane is smoother than the side walk, so I can understand why seniors would use it, the only problem being they aren’t exactly easy to pass, and they don’t drive super consistently.  For example!  sometimes, they just stop.  for no reason.  OR!  they put it in reverse cause they wanted to see something posted on an electric pole.  You can imagine how it might be problematic to have someone you’re following suddenly and without warning throw their vehicle into full-speed reverse.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


Free indeed

2013-8-27Yesterday was one of those awesome rainy days where it is really hot, and the rain is warm, and I didn’t mind getting absolutely, completely drenched on my scooter drive home… which I did.  I did get drenched.  I wasn’t the only one, mind you, plenty of people were out on jogs or sitting on their lawns and benches just taking in the weird sensation of having rain be warm.  It’s like… being fully clothed, having a relaxing shower in public.

If I were in saskatchewan, I’m sure someone would say “That means tornadoes”.  But I am in BC, and as far as I know, it is highly unlikely that a tornado will form in the mountains.  We have our own natural disasters to worry about, like earthquakes, rock-slides and volcanoes!  FUN!

Anyways, the next time it rains, i will be prepared… I need to get some slush pants or something.


Better safe then sorry


When you live in british columbia, or i imagine in washington, or pretty much anywhere in or close to the west coast (or the east coast, or any coast), rain happens whenever it feels like it.  FOR EXAMPLE: yesterday, (sunday), was a blisteringly hot (25c) day!  Then, we had a thunderstorm and a torrential downpour.  Then it was back to normal.
Just when you think it’s summer time, it starts raining again.  Just when you think the rain will never stop, BOOM, summer time!  It’s great.
SO!  I was watching penny arcade’s Strip Search!  It’s the reality TV show where web cartoonists FIGHT IT OUT for a great prize!  I watched it ALL this weekend, and I can hardly wait for the season finale!  In any case, it’s so inspiring to watch!
When I was drawing the “slow day” story, I was spending about an hour to an hour and a half on the strip every day, if not two hours.  That’s a long time for me… I made some of my favourite strips during that arc.  Watching this show, and realizing that most web cartoonists are spending like, 5+ hours per strip made me feel absolutely ridiculous for thinking that an hour and a half was a long time.  The “new style” that i’ve been doing for the last 60 strips or so is a sort of stream-lined process that I can draw while on the iPad watching TV with Diana…  But watching this show has made me really miss using the ol’ intuous tablet, so today’s offering is my attempt to use the ol’ drawing tablet again, and actually spend some time on it and not just try to make it as fast as possible.  FUN!
SO looking forward to the season finale of strip search!  GO KATIE GO!


First Ride!

2013-3-7First ride!  Not to be confused with the awesome song played by don ross…  which is by far my favourite acoustic guitar song ever written.  The fact that it doesn’t have a million plays is completely mind boggling… the song makes me want to train a horse and then go horse riding, and if you know me, you know that that is saying something.  You should totally look it up.  OR!  Here’s the link to don ross playin first ride:
Anyways!  My van is to insanely bad on gas within city limits, and my scooter is just too insanely awesome on gas within city limits, which leads me to the conclusion that I need to just go ahead and drive around in the rain.  I really missed the scooter.  It takes a bit longer to go where you’re going, because driving it forces me to drive the speed limit, as it’s top speed is 55km.  OK!  Time to do somemurr drawn’sz peace out!