Instant no-bake Oreo cheesecake

Honestly, best recipe ever! If you’ve never dipped an Oreo in cream cheese and eaten it, well, let me tell you, you’re likely going to live longer.

Obviously. What a ridiculous question!

My youngest dropped this gem while I was dropping the oldest off at school. Entertaining to say the least!

It’s an addiction

But actually it’s a problem. When I was on sabbatical I spent months learning how to cook a variety of noodle dishes so that a) I could start saving some money cause it was getting out of hand and b) because, if for some reason a couple restaurants were to go out of business my happiness would be in serious jeopardy (so I figured I should take control of my life and get it sorted).

My pad Thai is alright, my ramen is fine, My yakisoba is getting there, rice balls, all that is great. I’ve also managed to make a sort of hybrid spicy peanut garlic thing that works pretty great most of the time, although it resembles none of the dishes it was inspired by. The lack of Asian grocery stores in this city means I was only able to get chilli oil in the last week on a trip in to Vancouver (and it’s changed everything!) but there is one dish that eludes my abilities: DAN DAN NOODLES!

Every time I feel like I find a recipe I can do, it doesn’t taste like Dan Dan. It tastes like glorified itchiban. Every time I find a recipe that looks like it will taste right, it requires so much stuff I can’t purchase locally (or don’t know where to purchase locally) that I get frustrated and it sends me into the spiral of obsessing about noodles. It’s an actual problem. Maybe not in the grand scope of existence, but it certainly is annoying. I mean, okay. It’s not a problem, but it is an obsession!

…er salad.

2014-3-24Diana, my wife, is the BEST!  every once in a while, i get these crazy food-diet-ideas into my head, and she goes along with them.  For example:
1)  I’ve recently decided that I need to eat salad as a meal at least once a day.  Diana has made AMAZING DELICIOUS and HEALTHY salads!  Not like the one I have pictured here today… left to my own devices, though…..  I should say: the cheese-burger salad is not my exclusive idea.  I know, I know, it’s genius… but I cannot claim the credit!  I was telling a buddy of mine about the salad diet scheme, and he was telling me that a salad diet is an easy diet because you can put anything on a salad and technically, it’s still a salad…  steak salad, cheese-cake salad, spaghetti and meatballs salad… and I realized it was true.
2)  Once in a while, I’ll decide that Cocacola is the devil, and she’ll go along with my week-or-two sugar fast!  and she LOVES coke!
3)  When I inevitably decide that my diet ideas were stupid, she’s right there with a delicious meal idea to heal my bruised ego!
4)  …Sometimes, Diana makes delicious pasta salad… and I put it on a plate, put a lot of cheese on it, and melt it in the microwave, and then I have delicious cheesy pasta!  The side-dish becomes an ENTRÉE!  …though I don’t think she especially likes when I do that.

ANYWAY!  Have a great week everyone!



Coming to a classy restaurant near you

2014-3-10My mom and dad actually invented this “food”.  It’s TOTALLY as bad as it sounds! Don’t believe me?  Well, make a whole platter of them today and find out for yourself!  You’ll regret it almost instantly.

I felt like drawing on my ipad again, just to try it out, and so we have this comic!  …Gotta say, while it is fun to draw on the ipad, i wouldn’t go back to using it as my primary drawing device.  The whole reason Charlie looks like he does now and not like the spiky-haired version you see on the banners is originally because I WANTED to use my iPad to draw (so i wasn’t stuck in my office) and i couldn’t get him looking the same, transitioning from an old big intuos tablet to the iPad, so i had to simplify the design.  Interesting little tid-bit for yah!

But that being said, I wouldn’t trade my surface for anything.  Pressure sensitivity on a screen?  basically, a cheap cintiq?  it’s my favourite.

…it’s like eating a sponge.



I actually care more than any man should about how my itchiban, or MR noodles, or instant noodles, or ramen, or whatever, is prepared.  HERE are the acceptable options for preparation and consumption of itchiban:

1)  chicken itchiban, slightly undercooked, strained, with half-pack of seasoning sprinkled onto a tea-spoon of three cheese ranch dressing, mixed until coated, with a healthy amount of parmasean cheese sprinkled on top.  It is the best; i call it cheap man’s alfredo.  eaten with a fork.  You can substitute sour cream for ranch if you’re in a pinch.

2)  Chicken itchiban, made as soup, with chopped veggies; there can’t be more then half-broth, and the noodles, at time of starting-to-eat, needs to be under-cooked.  They soften up as you eat.  Fork, or chop sticks.

3)  When it comes in a cup or a bowl that is disposable, if the cup is foam, it needs to be hot-water steeped for no more than 2 minutes and then strained.  If it is a plastic bowl, it NEEDS to be microwaved.  the noodles have a great texture.  chop sticks guaranteed.

4)  Flavour packages, in order of preference:  chicken, spicy chicken, itchiban original,  udon, shrimp, tom-yum (with an egg added), beef, spicy-beef, weird-asian-“cheese”-flavour.

I could keep going, but it’s making me feel like a bachelor again (not that there’s anything wrong with that… but food sure has gotten better since i’ve been married!)