2014-10-10I hope you read this comic and have an opinion on the idea it is presenting.  …Although, i should say, in service of the joke, i didn’t really use the abilities of the comic medium to tactfully present the idea in a way that isn’t offensive.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Have a great weekend everyone!  My fellow Canadians- i hope you have a good thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving: a great opportunity to get rid of narcissism! yay!



Obviously, we play saxaphone for an all-girl cabaret in new orleans.

2014-7-4So, i’m reading through Calvin and Hobbes again!  Something I should really do more often.  I think it’s safe to say that Calvin and Hobbes is the comic strip that made me fall in love with comics.  When I was younger, I loved all of the strips that explored Calvin’s imagination… Spaceman Spiff, Captain Napalm, Any time he was a dinosaur or a bug or whatever.  Now though, while I still enjoy those strips (and the art especially!), I really like the simplicity of the strips that poke fun at life’s existential questions… So, if you didn’t know, this is my take on my favourite-so-far-this-read-through Calvin and Hobbes strip.  You should DEFINITELY read through Calvin and Hobbes, there is no better way you could spend an afternoon!  or a week.



of doubt and belief


Doubt and belief!

Doubt, at its best, is motivating, and at its worst, is incapacitating.  Motivating doubt causes a person to search for truth, to expand their perspective and grow as a person… Incapacitating doubt causes a person to give up that search for truth, narrow their perspective and wallow and fester.

Of course, what is true of doubt is the same of belief.

Belief at its worst is incapacitating, and at its best, is motivating.   Incapacitating belief causes a person to stop searching for truth, which narrows their perspective and causes a person to wallow and fester.  BUT!  Motivating belief causes a person to search for truth, to expand their perspective and grow as a person.

Is it better to be a dishonest believer, or an honest doubter?

I think it is best to be motivated, and to know one’s motivations.

Doubt and belief are two sides of the same coin.  What motivates us to either?  Or are they what motivate us?  are they a means to an end, or are they the end itself?

…it’s like 35 degrees Celsius in here, i think my brain is gonna explode.