Space Chuck Web: 20!

Spacechuck web 20

A few more weeks of Space-chuck, and this book will be finished!  Hopefully, if people are interested in reading it, over the years to come i’ll get a chance to flesh out other aspects of the Space-chuck universe, but “Space-chuck PRELUDE” will be wrapping up… and we’ll be back into the daily short-form stuff here on the site.

Every time I change how I do the comic, there are hard lessons i learn.  Here is what I’ve learned this time, doing this graphic novel:
1)  Drawing five pages a week takes more time than drawing three frames a day… seems obvious, but for some reason, i thought doing a comic like this would free up some time for my other responsibilities by spreading out my draw-time over a week instead of once a day.
1.5)  It’s probably not a GREAT idea to sacrifice time and expect a higher level of artistic quality.
2)  From the perspective of the reader and the feedback i’ve gotten: Reading five pages once a week is a lot more difficult for people than reading three frames a day.  Not only that, but expecting people to track with a story, once a week, over the course of a few months, is kind of a stretch if they aren’t used to that kind of thing.
3)  The next time I do a large project like this, It’d be good to see if I have the discipline to release it all at once instead of weekly… that way, even though there’d be a lag in regular updates, people could actually get the story i’m trying to tell.  Could I follow deadlines when no one gets to see the work?  hmm…


Maybe i’ll try colour next.  who knows.  Again- thanks for reading!  There’s still a few weeks, maybe a month, left of the story.  As always, you can click the link at the top of the page to read the entire thing!


Space Chuck Web #10

Spacechuck web 10Update number ten!  oh man.

Do me a HUGE favour!  If you like the space-chuck story and you haven’t already, consider who you might share it with!  I’m a very readers-motivated comic guy.  I don’t get ad revenue or any of that kinda stuff, this is PURELY to make me feel good about myself!  FEED MY EGO.  you know?

It’s been a lot of fun doing these comics.  One huge difficulty I had doing daily updates and gag-a-day comics was that I was running out of ideas, i would usually base them off of something that happened to me that day and after 4 years it was becoming easy to repeat myself, making the same jokes, drawing the same pictures, etc.

BUT!  with this, I get to spend more time actually drawing and less time worrying about stuff.  It has been fun.

OK!  Have a great week everyone!  See you on thursday!



Space Chuck Web #9

Spacechuck web 9Happy Thursday!

will our heroes escape the useless ship they once thought was their salvation?  Will they get any of the answers they crave?  TUNE IN NEXT TIME TO FIND OUT!

Also- excuse the few spelling errors!  It’ll get fixed before print! 😀

A couple reminders: you can easily read the entire “space-chuck” story by clicking the “ALL the space-chucks” link at the top of the page!  Also, if you click the “store” link, you will see that all my books are $15, including my new book, “that’s not art- a charlie and the ghost collection”.

Thanks so much for sticking with me and reading these silly comics!


Space Chuck Web #8

Spacechuck web 8It’s hard to believe that i’ve only updated this little story only eight times, but i guess when the updates are two megs of PNG, things can progress a little quicker!

If you are actually managing to stick with this comic, you rock!  You are my favourite!  If you are feeling a little lost and would like to easily access all eight updates in order, click this link!  Or, if you prefer, click the “ALL the Space-chucks” tab at the top of the page!

ALSO, it’s DECEMBER FIRST, 2014!  Which means my NEW BOOK IS FOR SALE!  yay!  It is the BIGGEST book I ever made!  I’ve priced it at $15, which is pretty cheap i think, considering it’s MUCH bigger then the old books and has much more content at a much higher level of quality!  It has 400+ comic strips in it, the 2013-2014 week-dailies.  Shipping will bump the price around to the $20.00 range, so if you ever see me and buy it off of me personally, it’ll cost yah $20.00, but if you buy it straight through the store, fifteen!  FIFTEEN DOLLAHS!  awesome.  Click the link!


The futility of it all

It is always easy to be stoked when things are going good, and be all “what’s the point of life” when things are going poorly.  Me and Diana were watching this movie with Robert De niro, i think it’s called “we’re doing fine” or “everybody’s fine” or something like that, and it is a) incredibly sentimental, b) sad, and c) they use music in the most annoying ways to manipulate the CRAP out of you.  But all of that to say that it all did have a moral, though it’s kind of a mixed up moral.  The specific lesson would be that Robert De Niro’s character learned to accept his kids for who they are instead of imposing his ideal of their potential onto them.  The big moral that everyone takes away, as far as I can tell, is this: there is more to life then success.  Which is good!  Accept people for who they are and all that.  BUT…  In the end, the family is back together, eating Christmas dinner.  That is still an ideal, a “success”.  All Robert really learned was that if he listens to his kids, he gets them home for christmas.  Anyways. Enough of me hating on a movie that I actually did enjoy, in retrospect, it was a frustrating experience, much like Prometheus.