Rock Paper Scissors

It isn’t always beneficial to have a sharp wit. Probably, for the average person living out an average life, it’s rarely beneficial. Thankfully my mind is more like a pair of safety scissors, dull and cumbersome. If, in the heat of the moment, I said to people what I think to say to them hours later in the shower, I’m pretty sure I’d end up like our ol’ pal scissors.


2013-4-10Every time I drive my car, there is another piece of it that needs some sort of maintenance.  I don’t drive it a whole lot, it’s mainly used by Diana, I use my sweet scooter!  Anyways, usually, it’s the oil change sticker’s number being dangerously close to the odometer, or the steering wheel shakes and it needs an alignment, or something like that… But the last two times i’ve sat in the drivers seat, i’ve noticed little gravel dimples, pits almost, in the windshield.  In the words of my wife:  “Have you seen those stupid covers?  Flappin around everywhere?  What’s that gonna stop!?”  Thank you gravel transportation trucks, you keep speedy auto glass in business.