true intimacy



Is this funny, or sad?  I think a lot of people see romance as a means to an end, and that end isn’t always healthy relational intimacy.  I wouldn’t be surprised if most people could put one or two of their own lines they’ve said or had said to them in Charlie’s last speech bubble and make this comic into a true story.


Knowledge is a dangerous thing

2014-8-15A little bit of knowledge can be a very dangerous thing.  There are many contexts where knowledge is required, and not having enough is dangerous… There are even more contexts where knowledge is not required at all, and having even a bit is dangerous.

KNOWLEDGE: a no-win scenario.  The only way winning move is not to play.

Kidding, obviously, kidding.  Knowledge is alright.

Have a great weekend!



smooth like body butter! WAIT! NO!


this is but one of many conversations overheard on a weekend at a camp spent with a couple hundred teenagers.  Modified, of course, as teenagers no longer know what “unsolved mysteries” is, but the heart of the conversation has been left intact.


was I ever THAT awkward?  am I still that awkward?  oh man!

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