Charlie gets a Pebble

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Ah, the technology comics.  Pebble: you weren’t a bad muse.

So, a week later, and I still really love my Pebble.  it’s been so long since i’ve worn a watch that I actually forget to look at it for the time.  I’ve asked Diana “What time is it?” and she’s replied, “I don’t know, you’re the one with a watch.”

My favorite part about it is the notifications, and the ability to send canned responses.  Many of the texts that I get don’t need to result in text conversations, and this really helps with that.  Not to mention, my Note 3 is getting 4 days of battery on a single charge.  I just don’t use it as much.

I do feel like a nerd, but that’s OK.  My favourite watch theme is one based on LCARS from star trek, BUT it is the only watchface i can find that has the time, the weather and conditions, the battery life, day of the week, month and day of the month, as well as y/m/d all attractively arranged!  So, while it may appear that I have a star trek watchface because I’m just that much of a nerd, actually i’m just a practical nerd.

Have a great weekend everyone!  For those of you who are graduating: congrats!  See you here next week.