FTL: you’re destroying my calendar.

FTL is this GREAT game you can buy on steam.  Let me explain it’s basic premise:
Take everything I like about SCI FI.
Give you control over pretty much all of it.
Put it into one game.
Make it super simple to look at, and incredibly difficult to actually win at.
It’s beautiful!  It’s basically space traders plus battlecruiser plus a bunch of other awesome mobile games I used to love mashed into one awesome desktop game.  AND it works on a mac, which I have, and us mac-heads are a little starved for selection.  There is nothing quite as glorious or frustrating as spending an hour building up a ship, a crew, painstakingly looting and upgrading statistics like shield energy and weapons allowance, only to have the whole ship catch on fire, all your crew die except one, and at the next stop the ship is taken over by three or four aliens, and it becomes a game of setting your weapons to fire automatically and running your man around the ship as you decompress rooms to try and suffocate the intruders.  That, or something like it, happens consistently, and is sheer joy!  In that particular instance, I killed the intruders, my ship was completely decompressed except for one room, the one my crew member was in, and I was excited!  for a moment, it seemed like poor little xerxes was gonna pull through.. until I looked at my shields and realize my weapons had been off line for like a few minutes, and my shields/hull were gone, and I watched as a missle struck the room my guy was in, killing him, and also destroying the ship.  Utterly devastated, after an hour of play.  It was AWESOME.

All of that to say: Looking at my calendar, I’ve realized i don’t really have the time necessary to enjoy the game.  Has there ever been as depressing a realization?