clearly, i didn’t think this through.

2014-10-23i really want to get a cup holder for my scooter.  I think that would be awesome.  Hmm!  Kurt Burr- if you’re reading this, 3D PRINTING PROJECT PROPOSED.

Yesterday, I met diana for a quick coffee, and found myself throwing out half of my cup because I had to go before I was done and I had no way to carry the coffee on my scoots.

…Not before attempting what is depicted in panel three.

Have a great thursday everyone!  Tomorrow, I have a Bill Watterson tribute planned, and I’m excited as I will be sending off my first draft to the printers!


Mable’s a delight, really.

2014-8-6I’ve been trying to bike too and from work at least once a day for the month of august.  Most of the time, it’s been good… I put on an audio book and pedal.  Yesterday it was garbage day, which wasn’t awesome, because as I’m driving i’m catching a whiff of every house’s take out leftovers.  I distinctly remember some sort of curry, lasagne, and one house was particularly citrus-ey.

That which is pictured in the comic also happens with regularity…  those little mobility scooters take up a lot of space in the bike lane.  The bike lane is smoother than the side walk, so I can understand why seniors would use it, the only problem being they aren’t exactly easy to pass, and they don’t drive super consistently.  For example!  sometimes, they just stop.  for no reason.  OR!  they put it in reverse cause they wanted to see something posted on an electric pole.  You can imagine how it might be problematic to have someone you’re following suddenly and without warning throw their vehicle into full-speed reverse.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


Teething can be dangerous

2014-6-2Josie is teething!  she’s got one lil’ chomper tooth sticken’ out, which causes Josie all sorts of grief.  I’m not gonna say it’s “first two months of Josie’s life” tiring, but there has been a definite breaking of the established routine, which affects Diana much more than it affects me, but that is making the both of us a little more lethargic than we have been.  I suppose that broken routine is just the new routine for parents.

Anyway, i guess what this comic is saying is this:  not even caffeine can help me any more!  Caffeine keeps away the headaches, but does nothing to give me energy.  -sigh- I guess i’ll have to find some super-caffeine!  or, maybe just be more disciplined to go to sleep on time.



Finding joy in the little things


It occurs to me that this comic may be a good metaphor for how finding contentment in life may look to others who are discontent.  You should know, for your own sanity, that when i drive up steep hills on my scooter, i move over to the shoulder and let others pass me.  I do enjoy getting swept up in the moment of driving exactly 55 kmph, my scooter is a 2004 honda ruckus, and that was deemed “Fast enough” in 2004 i guess.  New ruckus’ go up to 65, and yamaha speed-restricted scooters go up to 70, but whatever.  Sometimes, speed is more of a feeling and less of a number.  …unless you’re going up a steep hill.  Then speed is something i don’t really like to talk about.

Anyways, have a good thursday!

the benefits of academia


It must be nice to be an authority on a subject.  I was trying to think what I might be an authority on, and none of it is of any real consequence.  I can tell you which sushi place in Chilliwack will fit your budget and desired quality level…  I can tell you which tennis courts are most likely to be vacant on a beautiful summer’s day, around Sardis.  I could tell you, at great lengths, how having a speed-restricted scooter really is the best way to get around town, financially speaking.
I suppose I could be the authority on how to be passive-aggressive through a comic strip.  I want to be clear:  I am not anti-intellectual, I think academia is great!  I also think academics can be impatient towards the common man.  Being a common man who, from time to time, puts up with the eccentricities of the educated, i guess it would just be nice if the favour was returned?  So than, my hypocrisy is revealed!  Educated people are humans too.  What right do I have to demand of my educated peers that they have more patience than I?  Absolutely none.
…Which is why I won’t be getting my Masters any time soon.  I think I have a bit more growing and spiritual maturing to do before I get into it.

my reputation, cracked and crumbling

2014-2-13when a scooter is your primary method of transportation, there are certain dignities you sacrifice.  but this…  no, this is too much.

have a great thursday everyone!


it’ll be fine!

2014-2-11…there is an age threshold that, once crossed, claim’s ones ability to perform “stunts” at a physical level, while ALSO taking away one’s ability to mentally distinguish between a good idea and a ticket to the ER.  What a thirteen year old can do, a twenty-eight year old can not.  That’s all i’m trying to say here.