negligent johnny

cg40 100i feel like negligent johnny could be a new strip… a character who, in every strip, does something negligent, like taking night-time allergy medication and then driving heavy machinery, or leaving an open flame unattended, or stacking chairs infront of a fire exit…  or inviting people to a party but then not bothering to plan it, or leaving the playstation turned on spinning a blu-ray overnight, or only cleaning the top of the plate…  Hmm.  They wouldn’t be funny really, but sort of passive-aggressively informative?
anyways, I still have an ear infection, or something.  I’ve had it since last may.  I’ve gone to the walk in clinic 5 times, the ER twice, and my family doctor twice.  I have an appointment with a specialist in January.  I don’t think i’m being negligent?  I would really like this to go away…  ugh.