Space chuck web: 22

spacechuck web 22


Space chuck web 22!  hmm.

Oh man!  Special Victims Unit!  So intense.  I’ve seen most of the episodes that are on neflix already for some reason.



Space Chuck Web #13

Spacechuck web 13


dun dun DUNNN!

it is almost christmas time!  how exciting.

i hope all is well in internet land!  today is the first day that diana is back at work, which means i am totally responsible for keeping our daughter alive and happy.  should be good!





Space Chuck Web #9

Spacechuck web 9Happy Thursday!

will our heroes escape the useless ship they once thought was their salvation?  Will they get any of the answers they crave?  TUNE IN NEXT TIME TO FIND OUT!

Also- excuse the few spelling errors!  It’ll get fixed before print! 😀

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Thanks so much for sticking with me and reading these silly comics!