GoGo Weekly: Oct 16

This week I wanted to draw something AWESOME. I mean, we always draw awesome things, but swords are awesome in an obvious sort of way. Also in this video: a brief 5 second clip of me brandishing one of the blades I purchased back in high school, when acquiring daggers and swords was about as rebellious as I got! So, you know, tune in for THAT!

This week was a busy one from a writing perspective. I have a creative fiction short story due this week and I’ve spent quite a lot of time revising that, which meant not a lot of time for comics! I did make this one, however, and I think it’s pretty funny:

It’s always a pet peeve of mine when fantasy video games have sealed unexplored tombs with fresh apples in barrels and fresh lit candles everywhere. Some redditors were quick to point out that the undead care for the tombs, but I mean… why would that be the explanation? They don’t eat. Also, am I to believe they light candles only to immediately bury themselves or get back in their coffins so they can hop out and scare me when I walk by? Others said the apples came from other explorers who left supplies for those who would come after. But it was a sealed tomb! SEALED I SAY! Pray-tell, HOW did those other explorers get in without possessing whatever stupid ancient artifact I randomly found buried under a tree that gave me exclusive access to the MUD GATE? HOW?! Whatever- nerd rant over.

I’ve done quite a bit of tinkering with the website this weekend. More teachers are trying to do the drawing videos but having a hard time finding them, so I re-vamped the website to have a landing page with the (properly ordered) video playlist right at the top, then with links to the comic page and a blog page. We’ll see if it sticks! Let me know if it works for you!

I really really REALLY want to post some of my short stories I’ve been working on, but I think I need to wait until I submit my final portfolio for this class. I’m excited to share them! Until then, here’s a short comic story I worked on from the archives:

Ahh! Those are fun to make. Aren’t short stories fun? They are like their own little worlds. And short comic stories are a TON of fun, because they’re so quick and effective! (not to make though! haha) I could write out that story with only words in a couple of hours and it would take you ten minutes to read it, but with a comic, you get the idea in under a minute (although it takes at least a couple of days to make it). Is it better to paint pictures with words, or show pictures? In both cases I think it’s about inspiring the imagination.

Thanks so much for reading my comics and this blog! See yah next week!