Why do I make this comic? Because it’s on my mind. It seems to be on everyone’s mind. People on my social media feeds are expressing their thoughts rather freely, and those reactions range from making light of the situation to full blown anger over the lack of panic. It’s all fear though, And I can understand that. It’s awful and scary to think that a person could be healthy one week and dead the next because of this virus. Have courage, be kind. Love your neighbour as yourself. Let’s be careful, but let’s be looking out for each other too, right?


People react to stress in different ways. Some people go to Costco and buy all the soup and toilet paper, some people use hand sanitizer and double efforts to wash their hands, some people latch on to conspiracy theories, and still others make comics that are set in space and could be seen as thinly veiled metaphors for current events Here on earth.

It looks like the whole world is in it for the long haul with corvid 19. It’s scary to be sure- nobody wants to get sick and die. Social media is a failure- instead of level headed discussion, it’s sensationalism and conspiracy (par for the course). Traditional media is click baiting to get greater engagement on their websites using the same fear based half-facts as everyone else. Maybe this will be the world-shattering event that requires renewed interest in due process.

anyway, it’s on my mind, and I had to make a comic about it, because that seems to be how I process stuff. Instead of dwelling on my fears, i strive to let fears drive me towards hope.

Just sit on them

Or wash your hands regularly, or wear a helmet (full face visor), or just fill a bathtub with hand sanitizer and stay in there forever. No amount of reasonable precaution can get us out of our heads. It’s awful that people are dying of this, I hope they can figure it out and help people.

Life hangs in the balance

Sorry for the lack of comic yesterday! I woke up sick (convinced it was food poisoning). I went to work and felt like a zombie, so I went home in the afternoon and slept pretty much until the next morning. Today, I’m pretty much back to normal- one of those 24 hour bugs. Yeesh!

every time I get the flu or a cold or a bug, I get a bit dramatic about mortality. My mind goes to morbid places. Are humans resilient? Probably! Immune systems and whatnot.

I take what I can get

I’m like 99% sure I’ve made this comic before, maybe as a charlie and the ghost comic back in the day, but whatever. I continue to gross my family out, so it gets the updated go-go-mach-rocket-sheep treatment!

slowly, ever so slowly, my family is crawling out of the 2019 cold season. Woot woot! And thank God. There’s nothing worse than whiny toddlers coughing in your mouth because they don’t understand the concept of other people.


For real, I slept for 19 hours on Saturday. Diana thinks I get a bad case of the “man cold” (and she’s probably not wrong) but when I get sick, I can’t even stay awake, I just fall asleep. But this morning I woke up (at 4:15) feeling about 50% better, which put me into the realm of “can function on Tylenol.” And so- I offer you this comic apology.

Annual sick comic

I’m posting this one late because last night I went to bed at 6pm, woke up at 6:30am, and didn’t draw anything in my sleep. It seems like it’s that time of year: rob-get’s-a-cold-and-feels-like-he’s-dying. Yesterday, anyways. Today I feel quite a bit better.

That being said, I am feeling a bit lazy, so the art in today’s comic is about as lazy as I can make it. Lucky for me, it fits the gag.

Anyways! Get lots of sleep everyone! Drink tea and skip over man cold season!