Satchmo the great

2013-11-22i still remember when I learned that Louis Armstrong was more than “what a wonderful world”.  I was sitting in the office of one of my music professors, good ol’ Ken Dosso, and i believe on his wall he had a poster with a guy playing trumpet and big bold letters that spelled out “Louis Armstrong”.  THANKFULLY i didn’t open my mouth, the conversation would have gone EXACTLY as I have depicted it in the comic strip above.

HAVE A GREAT FRIDAY EVERYONE!  If you see my wife, wish her a happy birthday!  because that is what day it is!


and I hope that you feel the same way toooooo

2013-10-17…this happened.  Two days ago.  it was not my coolest moment.  Of course, I was driving the van, not the car, but i mean, the same idea applies.
Here’s a link to the song, so you can re-live all of it’s 1990’s glory.