Seize the day

I did wake up early! Well, early for me. 5:30. And I do have a ton of energy! Or rather, it’s 10am and I feel like i’m as awake as I would be around three in the afternoon. I feel like around 5pm, I’m gonna be ready for bed. Haha! True potential indeed.

every dog has it’s day

2014-5-30Don’t get me wrong, i’ve personally stood in-between a charging rottweiler and my little rat-dog!  Wise? probably not, but i just love my little rat-dog so!  …i fully understand that sometimes, the big dog just wants to devour the little guy…  But those experiences are few-and-far-between.  For the most part, my dog gets along well with other dogs.


it’s a real catch 22


I’m really tired, but I don’t want to sleep, because If I sleep, I won’t be making any of the stuff I want to make.  BUT, i’m so tired that I don’t feel inspired in ANY WAY to make anything anyway.  SO, do I sleep, and not have time to make anything, or stay awake, and make stuff that isn’t of any importance what-so-ever?  Sleep and feel guilty, or stay awake and feel frustrated?

Lately, the cure has been the final fantasy X HD remaster… although it’s not really a cure, sort of the exact opposite.  I can play this game half-awake, and enjoy myself, and it’s so pretty that I feel artistic.  This is a DANGEROUS combination, as it both robs me of sleep, and helps me accomplish none of my goals!

Anyways, have a great week everyone!

Dr Jones, Dr Jones, wake up now!


Coffee-dog is a GREAT alarm clock!  She stands right beside my head, shakes like crazy which causes her collar tags to jingle together louder then a bell, and then she licks my ears until I wake up.  She even licks my hair!  Which is GREAT, because it forces me to have a shower, even though I wasn’t going to have one until a little later.  AND, because i’m a caffeine addict, all of the jingling goes a LONG ways to giving me a headache first thing in the morning, which is awesome.  Anyways.

Have a great thursday!


2014-1-10…i find myself starting things, and then forgetting about starting them.  I’ve had conversations with people that i don’t remember having.  I’ve microwaved a cup of coffee, and wondered why it was still cold, until i looked at the clock, and see that 5 hours has passed.  Diana is getting WAY less sleep than i am… i have NO idea how she is able to function at all.  I am probably getting twoish less hours a night, and i’m a mess!  or a wimp!  Josie hardly sleeps at all, it’s crazy!  i don’t get how babies function!


awe, rats.



Just… just ignore the pitter-patter and the skitter-skatter.  Think of them as pets!




*YAWN* i probably should have made some coffee instead of drawing a strip about making coffee.  I’m ready to sleep for a year.