It’s s winter wonderland

Winter in the Fraser valley! It’s a bit… uh, moody.

big thanks to my friend rick who, after hearing of my t&t woes last week with my having driven to buy noodles that were out of stock, made it a point to Messsage me the next time he stopped at t&t and picked my noodles up for me. There are noodles in the world again!!!

Driving to beat a blizzard

Attending appointments in the winter is such a source of anxiety! It was a good thing we left a night early rather then waiting until after the blizzard the next morning, because by the next morning a semi had jackknifed under an overpass completely shutting down the freeway and nobody got through. We made our morning appointment with the inconvenience of an added expense, but sometimes your hands are tied and you don’t really have a choice.

Anyways, it’s moments like that when you realize that rich people really do have it good. Imagine any time there is an inconvenience in your life and you could just spend money and have it dealt with. Car getting unreliable? Get a new one. Hotel all booked up? Buy the hotel and set it on fire and build a new one with a room just for you forever.

The reality is I’m richer than most of the world, living in Canada, middle class. My needs are covered. It’s annoying to fork over money for a hotel when I was planning on waking up early and driving in to the appointment, but whatever. Better to use money when you need to than to be a dragon and hoard it.

Creak Crack Hooooo

It was a couple Christmases ago that we had a CRAZY huge snowfall, and a really quick melt (which is common for this part of Canada). ANYWAYS, the morning the snow was melting at an alarming rate, it sounded like someone was on our roof as the massive snow bank melted and slid and creaked and made all kinds of crazy sounds. I actually checked our attic because I thought maybe a raccoon was in there or something and I didn’t want there to be a bunch of damage. It really freaked me out, but I imagined that a kid at Christmas who heard something on the roof would probably be STOKED! And so, my annual attempt at making a one frame cartoon. I hope you enjoy it!

Updates may be sporadic this week. I may upload the huge back-log of space chuck updates that have been slowly accumulating ( over the Christmas week. I’ve gotten really lazy with that. Anyways, I drew this while I was waiting for an appointment this morning, and Now that my brain is sufficiently rested, I should probably get back to work!

unbridled RAGE.

2013-12-11I get it, sometimes it’s fun to do doughnuts on someone else’s lawn.  I’ve been there!  never on another person’s lawn, usually just in a parking lot, but i mean, I can understand what makes that fun.  BUT!  I think a person’s lawn is a different story… Not that I have an actual lawn, but the church where i work has a freshly seeded, grass-just-started-growing lawn that, after a light dusting of snow and a fresh dose of 4am “BRO” has been transformed into a bunch of muddy circles.  -sigh-  At least the olympics are just around the corner, maybe the neighbourhood will think it’s just our way of celebrating.