Of jesters and minstrels

Of course, the system that allowed for jesters and minstrels to exist is still a system. If all of society’s structures collapsed, probably all those years at summer camp learning about outdoor living would become infinitely more important. Good thing I know how to do a J stroke in a canoe, or else I’d be doomed for sure! But actually, there are a lot of little skills I have because of summer camp. I can build a couple different kinds of fires. I can do basic orienteering. I know how to flip an overturned canoe. I… can roast a mean marshmallow.
okay, so most of my skills don’t really have value in a post-apocalyptic situation. Time to learn how to skin a goat.

Of Labradors and the likes

2013-3-26So I had drawn this one completely, only to have the program crash, and to have forgotten to save, so i went to my laptop and angry-spite redrew it.  Two dog comics in a row!  what is this world coming to?

One of the things that makes me really uncomfortable when walking the dog is people.  People always wanna run up and, like, talk about the dog.  I suppose it serves me right for having such a cute dog, and for taking it out in public, but honestly, I was taught NOT TO TALK TO STRANGERS and GARSH DERN IT, you better believe it makes me uncomfortable.

The “science lab” thing, i need to give 100% credit to Jamison.  Here’s a possible t-shirt design based off of the concept.
science lab

of goodness and relativity

cg46 100


i don’t think that “good” is relative, though i will admit that we as humans have an incredibly broad perspective with regards to what we as a species consider to be good, with countless factors that inform these perspectives, which gives the appearance of relativity.  I must believe that beyond every individual’s personal perception is an ideal goodness that no one lives up too, and I think people react to that in various ways.  Our world is formed by failure after failure, built by the hands of humans trying their best to reconcile the factors which inform their perspectives of goodness with the realities of finite existence.
Of course, it can be damaging when a person claims to have exclusive access to the objective standard of goodness.
But i think it’s safe to say that cheap coffee ain’t worth killing over.