Stay at home

2000Ad released 400 pages of judge DREDD comics for free, and they are great! I love the art style, the episodic stories, the parody hard-baked in, it’s great.
with all this time confined at home, so far I’ve filled it with work. It’s amazing how much I can get done- but this presents a new challenge I’ve never really faced in my job before- I’m tired from tasks. As an introvert, typically the tasks of my job give me energy, but now there are so many of them (and every day adds to the list) that now, by the end of the day, I’m quite fatigued. I need to learn some new strategies to turn my head off when there is no physical distinction between work and home.
lucky for me, this seems to be pretty well documented, so i should probably spend some time reading up.

Planeta Petram

From time to time I may make a bite sized space chuck comics like this one. These days, with my schedule now full to the gills, it’s a bit daunting to work on the space chuck story although I’m still plugging away at it (at a snail’s pace). One of the reasons I started drawing a daily comic strip again is because of its manageable timeframe- it doesn’t take long to draw these for the most part, and it’s still gratifying to make them… but, once in a while, I want to draw in a different style and try to write something a bit more situational. And I just love drawing the space chuck crew so much, so I figure maybe I’ll combine three panels with space chuck people and see what happens. In any case, I hope you like it!

Space Chuck Web # 16

Spacechuck web 16sleepy sleepy sleepy!  Time for sleep.

of course, thanks to the magic of the internet, this comic won’t be posted until monday morning at 9am… EVEN THOUGH, as i type this, it is monday morning at 1pm!  YIKES.

So I watched “deep impact” as I was drawing this. There are so many things about this movie that i just straight up don’t understand.  Like!  Why was it made?  who was it’s target demographic?  Why on earth did they gloss over the whole “every nuke on earth didn’t work against the comet, but apparently the four nukes left on the space ship worked fine and dandy?”  was the non-existent emotion of the sacrifice made by the crew of the spaceship “messiah” (i’m not kidding) supposed to be a bait-and-switch of suspended disbelief?

Anyways, time for bed for real.



Space Chuck Web #6

Spacechuck web 6here is the sixth instalment!

it is quite fun to draw these… drawing space ships isn’t especially difficult, but it is fun!  this next update is going to be really fun to draw, i hope it turns out the way i want it too!

only a week left until i put the new book for sale!  yay!  very excited about it.


alright, now i am going to sleep so i can get over y death-cold.  see you all Thursday!


Spacechuck web #5

Spacechuck web 5and so, the next five pages of spacechuck! I hope you guys are enjoying it!  it’s fun to draw this much for sure.  When I was drawing and updating daily, If it took me an hour to make the strip, probably only twenty minutes was actually drawing.  But because I have this written out for the most part, I get to spend much more time drawing!  it’s very enjoyable.

I got my second draft of my new collection in the mail!  It looks pretty good, It’ll be for sale on my LULU store on December 1st!  So, if you’re looking for a good coffee-table book, keep me in mind!

Have a great week everyone!


Space Chuck: Web 2

Spacechuck web 2

The Next five pages of the Space Chuck Saga!  This is the second update, and i gotta say, it is really weird not updating every day.  The difficult thing about drawing every day was being able to write something new, and always feeling like i wasn’t.  Now that i’m not writing every day and I have much more time to concentrate on the art, i’m finding that my drawing abilities need to improve!  which is good, that is why I have always done this comic.

the next charlie and the ghost collection is almost complete!  I got the prototype in the mail a while ago, and there are a few problems with it… but it should be done soon!  super excited.

I will be adding a “space chuck archive” on the menu bar this week… still figuring out my options for that.

Have a great week everyone!