This was a pretty fun week for drawing! I had a couple people request submarines and I thought I’d take a crack at it. For hard mode, I thought about drawing a submarine sandwich but opted for a submarine interior because I wanted to try my new fountain pen and the many details lent itself nicely to that. If I had a scanner I’d do more comics analogue style, penciling and inking on paper, but alas- I do not. I have access to a scanner at the university but my parking pass has now expired and I’m not sure I wanna pay money to park. Maybe I’ll investigate if the public library has scanners!

It sure is fun making comics. I have classes starting up again, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up a regular schedule, but I’ll do my darndest. Now that it’s nice outside again, I love drawing in the direct sunlight on my sweet sweet e-ink tablet! Here are a couple of those offerings:

Also the BBQ is a big part of my life again, so that’s fun.

One of my jobs is doing animation as a research assistant at the university. I’m not allowed to share anything I make from those endeavours, which is a bit of a bummer ‘cause I spend a whole dang lot of time making it, but it’s understandable that I can’t share it- it’s not my research after all! But I was feeling inspired and animated our favourite hero:

Thanks so much for reading! See you next week!