Space Chuck Web: end of book one

scw endThat’s right!  with this update, we end book one of “Space-chuck”, which is entitled “prelude”.  As you probably guessed, seeing as the book is entitled “prelude”, the story isn’t over.  This book should provide enough of a frame of reference to ACTUALLY start telling stories in the space-chuck universe, which is something i’m looking forward to!  So this is the biggest project i’ve done to date, and all along, i’ve had mixed feelings about doing it!  Moving forward, i’ll do things differently, and that’ll be fun.

SO!  We’re back to daily updates!  Thank-you for indulging my sci-fi.  See you tomorrow! 😀



Space Chuck Web: 20!

Spacechuck web 20

A few more weeks of Space-chuck, and this book will be finished!  Hopefully, if people are interested in reading it, over the years to come i’ll get a chance to flesh out other aspects of the Space-chuck universe, but “Space-chuck PRELUDE” will be wrapping up… and we’ll be back into the daily short-form stuff here on the site.

Every time I change how I do the comic, there are hard lessons i learn.  Here is what I’ve learned this time, doing this graphic novel:
1)  Drawing five pages a week takes more time than drawing three frames a day… seems obvious, but for some reason, i thought doing a comic like this would free up some time for my other responsibilities by spreading out my draw-time over a week instead of once a day.
1.5)  It’s probably not a GREAT idea to sacrifice time and expect a higher level of artistic quality.
2)  From the perspective of the reader and the feedback i’ve gotten: Reading five pages once a week is a lot more difficult for people than reading three frames a day.  Not only that, but expecting people to track with a story, once a week, over the course of a few months, is kind of a stretch if they aren’t used to that kind of thing.
3)  The next time I do a large project like this, It’d be good to see if I have the discipline to release it all at once instead of weekly… that way, even though there’d be a lag in regular updates, people could actually get the story i’m trying to tell.  Could I follow deadlines when no one gets to see the work?  hmm…


Maybe i’ll try colour next.  who knows.  Again- thanks for reading!  There’s still a few weeks, maybe a month, left of the story.  As always, you can click the link at the top of the page to read the entire thing!


Space Chuck Web 19

Spacechuck web 19The nineteenth instalment!  How fun.  ALSO- it’s family day, here in BC!  WOO HOO!  FAMILY!

This last weekend, we had a youth event called “the plunge”.  Basically, we play a bunch of games, eat a lot of pizza, rent a pool, get slurpees, good times.  Normally, it is a ski trip as well, but because there ain’t no dang’ed snow, skiing would be difficult.  this is our third time doing the plunge, the first time without skiing… and I think it is the most tired i’ve actually ever been, even without the all nighter and the skiing!  Which confirms what i’ve suspected: i’m getting older.

If you have tumblr and want to see my sketchin’s, head on over to!  i used to post my old charlie and the ghost comics on tumblr, and stopped to move over to wordpress.

it’s weird… I have a phobia of posting anything on this “charlie and the ghost” site that isn’t charlie and the ghost.  It’s like… I have a way easier time sketching on the side of a notebook than i do in a sketchbook.  It’s the same kind of thing.  So!  I will post my sketches on tumblr, because it isn’t here. haha!

Have a great week everyone!


Space Chuck Web: 18

Spacechuck web 18

The eighteenth instalment!  which brings us up to page 98.

Thankyou for sticking with me through this science fiction’d adventure!  I’ve learned a lot through making something more intentionally long-form and story-driven.

Here are the good things i’ve learned:

1)  It’s good to map the story out and stick to the map.
2)  writing a map and not a script helps keep it fun to write the dialogue week-to-week
3)  drawing it per page instead of per three frames makes for a lot more options
4)  science fiction is great, i feel like i don’t have to explain everything.

Here are things i’ve found to be difficult:

1)  I’m not drawing every day anymore…  I just save it all until the end and cram
2)  I’m not spending extra time to work on the art, because i don’t have enough time

So!  Space-chuck has been fun.  If you’re one of the few readers who stuck around to indulge me in my little science-fiction-fantasy, from the bottom of my heart, thankyou!  It’s nice to do something different once in a while!  😀

Space Chuck Web: 17

Spacechuck web 17Ah, nothing like a little exposition.  Next week’s update is going to have a LOT of drawing.  I’m excited to draw it for yah!

This week is going to be crazy.  Crazy in a good way, but crazy none-the-less.

I’m a little sleepy, so I think i’ll skip the “written update” this week.  To be honest, not a whole lot new has been happening anyway!  On the art front, I miss drawing every day… but on the “i’m a dad and have a full time job” front, doing it like this sure allows me to have more time for that stuff.

At the encouragement of my brother, I might do a bunch of mini-comics next.  They may or may not be posted here… I haven’t decided yet.  We’ll see!!!!  😀

Have a great week everyone!


Spacechuck Web #12

Spacechuck web 12Ho man!  I could go for a good couch nap right about now.  For some reason, Josie (days away from being officially one year old) is screaming like a banshee tonight.  As I type this up, we are going on hour 3.  ugh.

Sorry for the lack of update on Monday!  I don’t often break my update schedule, and I don’t particularly like doing it.  Here is my lame excuse:
I applied for a table at my favourite local comic arts festival last spring, and have been waiting to hear back ever since!  In december, they started sending out the invitations, and on Saturday, I got the email telling me I wouldn’t be getting a table at the festival and i was feeling pretty bummed out about it… We were busy all day with birthday whats-its, which meant if I was going to draw the update i would’ve been up late Saturday night, and what with the discouragement and all, i really wasn’t feeling up too it.  But, a few days later and with input from friendly perspectives, i realize that they probably have a full roster of really amazing guests, which will make for a cool convention to attend.  Some day, when they think i’m ready, i’m sure they’ll let me have a table.  Until then, I probably shouldn’t miss my updates.

Alright!   See you monday.


Space Chuck Web #10

Spacechuck web 10Update number ten!  oh man.

Do me a HUGE favour!  If you like the space-chuck story and you haven’t already, consider who you might share it with!  I’m a very readers-motivated comic guy.  I don’t get ad revenue or any of that kinda stuff, this is PURELY to make me feel good about myself!  FEED MY EGO.  you know?

It’s been a lot of fun doing these comics.  One huge difficulty I had doing daily updates and gag-a-day comics was that I was running out of ideas, i would usually base them off of something that happened to me that day and after 4 years it was becoming easy to repeat myself, making the same jokes, drawing the same pictures, etc.

BUT!  with this, I get to spend more time actually drawing and less time worrying about stuff.  It has been fun.

OK!  Have a great week everyone!  See you on thursday!