Go, speed racer! Go, speed racer! Go speed racer, Go!!!!!

2013-10-31Hope you give out/get a lot of candy!  Remember to brush your teeth.  Don’t start fires or anything.
I love speed racer so much, in nearly all it’s forms.  I love the original comics by tatsuo yoshida, otherwise known as MACH GO GO GO!  I love the old school cartoon.  I don’t so much like the mid-90’s mach 5 looks like a square monstrosity… I REALLY love the ADD-inducing live-action (sort of) movie made by the wachowski’s.  If you’ve never given the film a chance, you should really try and push through.  I honestly believe it’s an attempt to show adults how to have an imagination… or maybe, an attempt to show adults what a child’s imagination is like AFTER copious amounts of sugar cereal!  When the movie is over, you will want to go to sleep and dream dreams.  Anyways!  Have fun embodying your alter ego.


time to practice

i haven’t made music that i like since i got married!  I poured every last ounce of my musical energies into writing love songs that would get Diana to marry me, and then we got married, and now i can’t write anything that doesn’t suck.  THAT IS, UNTIL NOW!

Why now?  because i’m watching anime, and if anime does anything, it does this:  it clearly portrays the message “Don’t give up!  Do your best!  ra ra ra!  let’s save the world!” or at least the happy go lucky anime that i watch tends to portray those things.  Is there anything quite as exciting as crazy-fast J-pop hyper-actively crashing around intensely screamed japanese dialogue?  is there anything quite as awesome as japanese lyrics translating poorly into english, and making no sense at all?  no!  there is nothing better then this!  what an expression of pure joy!  The closest english equivalent of the pure joy such an experience brings is the live-action (well, kind of) remake of speed racer that came out in 2008.  That movie is probably the best at taking what anime and manga are and putting it on screen, in english, and trying to make it accessible for all… though the visual style may give you a headache if it isn’t in high-def.

So!  writing some music, watching speed racer… day off = planned!