So many good shows on tv these days. Compelling stories, cinematic aptitude, original ideas, great stuff! The last few nights I’ve been drawing I’ve had netflix’s Hyperdrive on and, well, I haven’t got much drawing done! It’s too compelling!

Anyways, in the last week, Our house has wrapped up no less then 3 tv series. Yeesh! What are you watching these days?

Space Chuck Web 19

Spacechuck web 19The nineteenth instalment!  How fun.  ALSO- it’s family day, here in BC!  WOO HOO!  FAMILY!

This last weekend, we had a youth event called “the plunge”.  Basically, we play a bunch of games, eat a lot of pizza, rent a pool, get slurpees, good times.  Normally, it is a ski trip as well, but because there ain’t no dang’ed snow, skiing would be difficult.  this is our third time doing the plunge, the first time without skiing… and I think it is the most tired i’ve actually ever been, even without the all nighter and the skiing!  Which confirms what i’ve suspected: i’m getting older.

If you have tumblr and want to see my sketchin’s, head on over to robshauf.tumblr.com!  i used to post my old charlie and the ghost comics on tumblr, and stopped to move over to wordpress.

it’s weird… I have a phobia of posting anything on this “charlie and the ghost” site that isn’t charlie and the ghost.  It’s like… I have a way easier time sketching on the side of a notebook than i do in a sketchbook.  It’s the same kind of thing.  So!  I will post my sketches on tumblr, because it isn’t here. haha!

Have a great week everyone!


Space Chuck Web: 4

Spacechuck web 4HO MAN.  seven pages worth of updates!  I don’t think the next update will be quite as long, probably back down to the five pages worth… It’s funny, I thought I wanted a break from drawing, but actually, i just wanted a break from trying to be funny every day!  woo hoo!

In other news:  I injured my left thumb playing playstation 3 with my one year old daughter.  I don’t quite know how it happened, but i’m pretty sure injures such as these means i’m officially an old man.


Confessions of a childhood hoarder

2014-6-19tonight, on HOARDERS…  a man is over-sentimental about the thousands of dollars of plastic crap he has sitting in boxes in his garage.  “I don’t want to get rid of it, because i’ll just end up buying it again, and I can’t afford to buy it anymore.”

Then, on a very special episode of INTERVENTION, the SAME GUY’s family sits down to talk to him about is caffeine habit.  “You think your addiction doesn’t hurt anybody… but I can’t even trust you to hold our DAUGHTER, you’re so shaky!”

Have a great thursday everyone!


Star trek Aliens

2014-6-12as promised, a little sci-fi geekin’ out.  I think they should make an entire episode of this.  Have a great thursday everyone!


For all you scifi fans…

2014-6-11tomorrow, I fully intend on doing a full-page fleshing out of this very idea.  It will likely include no-one on the enterprise ever running for any reason, even if it’s an emergency, picard waxing eloquent, and so much more that I think is hilarious, but might not be. We’ll see if time allows!  I hope you don’t mind indulging me in a couple days of sci-fi related silliness!

Thanks so much for reading the comic everyone!  Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary, which means it’s the 4th-ish-year of me drawing every day because I started drawing this seriously right around the time Diana and I got engaged.  The comics have come a long way, I’m a lot less embarrassed of these then I am of those!

So for everyone who today is just a plain-ol’ wednesday, I hope it is a good day!  Make sure you drink a good cup of coffee, consider watching startrek TNG or aliens, and SOAK IT IN.


driving sleepy



so we drove Diana’s dad to the vancouver airport this morning at 5 AM!  THAT is an early drive, let me tell you. we managed to miss most of the morning commuter traffic. i was quite sleepy for the duration, 100% of my mental capacity was dedicated to not crashing.  it didn’t get quite this bad, but if i hadn’t of been driving with Diana and her dad chatting, i wouldn’t put it outside of the realm of possibility.

I have star trek settlers of catan, and it has inspired many of my recent star trek dreams.