Nothing says space opera epic like droids/Alien creatures/cgi main characters farting for no reason at awkward moments. It really lends to a situation’s gravitas.

Confessions of a childhood hoarder

2014-6-19tonight, on HOARDERS…  a man is over-sentimental about the thousands of dollars of plastic crap he has sitting in boxes in his garage.  “I don’t want to get rid of it, because i’ll just end up buying it again, and I can’t afford to buy it anymore.”

Then, on a very special episode of INTERVENTION, the SAME GUY’s family sits down to talk to him about is caffeine habit.  “You think your addiction doesn’t hurt anybody… but I can’t even trust you to hold our DAUGHTER, you’re so shaky!”

Have a great thursday everyone!


Realism in movies



This may be one of my favourite comics i’ve ever made.   Just take your favourite movie, put yourself in the protagonist’s shoes, and ask yourself the question, “would I do what they did?”  We all like to believe we would.  would we? would you?

I guess we watch heroic movies because we’d like to be heroic.  Maybe it’ll rub off on us.