Waste disposal

There is nothing more nerve wracking then throwing garbage away in a public place where there are like fifteen different categories and you’re expected to know the nuances instinctually. Is my cup cardboard compost, or does the plastic coating mean it’s plastic recyclable? I thought straws, while being plastic, aren’t recyclable? What’s the “trash” option for- food? No that’s compostable. But there are napkins in the compost…. I thought that would be paper recyclable.

I have actually taken a cup home to throw away because I understand our trash and recycle system better.

At one point in my life, ever so briefly, I was a garbage man! For like three weeks. It was back in those simple times, when people threw aluminum cans in the garbage like the plebs they were.

my favourite is malls that have waste sorting stations with somebody there that actually knows what they are doing. They should have tip jars, I’d tip them.

Existential dread

Big thanks to my brother for the help on getting this one sorted out!

Of course, the reason I’m not freaked out by black holes and rogue asteroids is because of this fact, which I learned from Star Trek: The enterprise will always swoop in just in time. “But Rob, the enterprise isn’t real” I hear you saying, “You’re living in a world of science fantasy! Join us in science reality, won’t you?” Well, to be honest, I guess I have just enough little problems occupying my mind that I don’t have time to worry about cosmic cataclysm.

In other news, cataclysm is BY FAR my favourite word.

clearly, i didn’t think this through.

2014-10-23i really want to get a cup holder for my scooter.  I think that would be awesome.  Hmm!  Kurt Burr- if you’re reading this, 3D PRINTING PROJECT PROPOSED.

Yesterday, I met diana for a quick coffee, and found myself throwing out half of my cup because I had to go before I was done and I had no way to carry the coffee on my scoots.

…Not before attempting what is depicted in panel three.

Have a great thursday everyone!  Tomorrow, I have a Bill Watterson tribute planned, and I’m excited as I will be sending off my first draft to the printers!


I think the illuminati have bigger fish to fry

2014-10-7Another comic stolen from the mind of my wife!  Man, she’s two-for-two.  For real though, grab your organite and watch out for the chem trails, ’cause the autumn-pumpkin monopoly has got to stop, and I think I saw tom hanks running around a little while ago, so i wouldn’t be surprised if around christmas time, all the pumpkin stuff disappears.  it’s all part of their plan.

Decaf is awesome cause I can drink a lot of it and I won’t get shaky.  …But regular coffee is awesome for the exact opposite reason.  Man!  I’m tired.  Time for bed.  Have a great Tuesday everyone!


Coffee the Dog

cg90 100So our dog, whose name is coffee, is out of the super timid afraid of everything stage!  yay! now, she is in the “crazy hyper bursts” and “poops on everything” stage!  yay again!  But she’s such a little sweetie pie.  OK!  I’m gonna stop being a dog-talker.
Seriously.  ihop- your coffee is like $4 a cup.  that’s too much, even for starbucks, and at least at starbucks it tastes good.  Ok?  Lower your price, or improve the coffee.  “But it’s bottomless!” Well, who wants to drink more then a couple cups!?  blecht.
Have a great wednesday everyone!


Tall blonde? Tall Dark?

cg50 100Yesterday, Rod was saying he ordered a tall blonde and felt embarrassed.  I’ve been ordering tall darks for years!  I’m sure someone has made this joke before, it’s as old as the hills.


starbucks, how could you!?

When I worked at java java, our owner would go on and on about why she thought starbucks was such a great company.  She’d ask us what we thought, and because my wife used to work at starbucks, and because Diana’s told me why starbucks was so great, i would usually pipe up and say something along the lines of “Starbucks aims for product standardization… you go to a starbucks in thailand, and you’re gonna have the same delicious dark roast that you’d have in seattle.”  Lately, my faith in the starbucks brand has been SHAKEN TO THE CORE.
I am here to testify that not all starbucks are created equal.  Many are far superior to the one I have been frequenting.
It’s the attention to detail that makes the starbucks experience shine!  “What can I get you?”  “Tall Dark roast, no room for cream.”  Easy!  You would THINK.  The only drink easier to make at starbucks would be an ice water…  But this starbucks!  I won’t mention any names, EAGLE LANDING STARBUCKS, but oh man. They have 3 things of stupid BLONDE roast just sitting there getting stale, with the other two coffee-cubes (or carafes, or whatever they are called) are full of pike puke, and not-a-one is filled with, or is in the process of being filled with, the delicious burnt-esk nectar commonly known as “whatever dark roast they are making that day” that i need to function properly.
Life, man.  life.