This ain’t bargain bin

Many artists I know can’t draw in sketchbooks, but they can fill up a Hilroy in no time flat. Hilroy, for people not from Canada, is a brand of cheap paper products beloved by all, loose leaf, lined, all that Jazz. Anyways!

drip coffee isn’t really that smart of a choice when you consider it costs pennies to make it at home and they charge a couple bucks for a cup. The markup on drip coffee is probably higher than the markup on a latte, come to think of it.

here are quintessential Canadian novels I would write:

  1. The Avro arrow goes to mars (I mean, probably)
  2. Tim Hortons- the downfall of a nation
  3. canadian tire- is everything always on sale?

Waste disposal

There is nothing more nerve wracking then throwing garbage away in a public place where there are like fifteen different categories and you’re expected to know the nuances instinctually. Is my cup cardboard compost, or does the plastic coating mean it’s plastic recyclable? I thought straws, while being plastic, aren’t recyclable? What’s the “trash” option for- food? No that’s compostable. But there are napkins in the compost…. I thought that would be paper recyclable.

I have actually taken a cup home to throw away because I understand our trash and recycle system better.

At one point in my life, ever so briefly, I was a garbage man! For like three weeks. It was back in those simple times, when people threw aluminum cans in the garbage like the plebs they were.

my favourite is malls that have waste sorting stations with somebody there that actually knows what they are doing. They should have tip jars, I’d tip them.


Existential dread

Big thanks to my brother for the help on getting this one sorted out!

Of course, the reason I’m not freaked out by black holes and rogue asteroids is because of this fact, which I learned from Star Trek: The enterprise will always swoop in just in time. “But Rob, the enterprise isn’t real” I hear you saying, “You’re living in a world of science fantasy! Join us in science reality, won’t you?” Well, to be honest, I guess I have just enough little problems occupying my mind that I don’t have time to worry about cosmic cataclysm.

In other news, cataclysm is BY FAR my favourite word.