Real mature

Alright, alright, so it’s a bit juvenile. I just watched like 2 hours of netflix’s “Hyperdrive” so I’m very much in a giddy immature mood. That show is amazing by the way, and you need to watch it if you have A) ever played with hot wheels as a kid or B) just like joy. I mean, the announcers are a bit over the top, but everything about that show is over the top so it gets a pass.

Remember when everyone got Netflix and got rid of cable? Well, those dern’ cable companies have wised up and are wrecking the whole point of streaming services… which was (for me) the convenience of paying a little bit and getting a lot of content. I really want to watch battle star, and I’m definitely not getting “peacock.” What does that mean? I guess I’ll have to wait and buy it? Or have a wealthy friend who subscribes to every streaming service available and watch it a their house.