The only natural conclusion

I’m blessed to have many intelligent friends who are happy to talk life out with me. Without them, I’d fall prey to narcissism in a heartbeat. They keep me humble. But is humility really humility if the only reason it exists is because I’m constantly being humbled?

One of the reasons I’ve had the time to start making comic strips again is because I’m currently on sabbatical! It wraps up in a couple weeks. I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly. Highlights have included family time, studies, and pursuing interests I wouldn’t otherwise have time to pursue.

Really, the only difficult thing about the sabbatical has been this: when you work at a church, sabbatical means you are away from many of the people who regularly speak into your life. I’m looking forward to getting back at it!

the wisdom of the ages

2014-10-22there are no stupid questions, only stupid people asking the best questions they can manage.

have a great wednesday everyone!


it’ll be fine!

2014-2-11…there is an age threshold that, once crossed, claim’s ones ability to perform “stunts” at a physical level, while ALSO taking away one’s ability to mentally distinguish between a good idea and a ticket to the ER.  What a thirteen year old can do, a twenty-eight year old can not.  That’s all i’m trying to say here.




It’s easy to agree with people you agree with.  It’s easy to read books you agree with, and build a library of people you agree with.  It’s easy to be pushed further and further into a way of thinking if the argument sits right.

When I disagree with a person’s thesis, or argument, or their books, or their rhetoric, is it my duty to attack?  Or would it be better to say “I disagree” and move on?  Or, is it better to disagree, figure out why, and talk about it?  Or to find some common ground?  OR to figure out what doesn’t sit well, and why it doesn’t, and then make a call?

People will always disagree on everything worth agreeing about because for the most part, people can’t even agree on what’s worth agreeing on.

I don’t like how some people think an opinion is right JUST because someone wrote a book on it!

I think most authors write to try and get people to THINK about what they are writing about, not to have their books used as argumentative trump-cards.   Good books don’t make people turn their brains off.


it doesn’t take much really.


Truthfully, there isn’t much that scares my little coffee-dog.  But the things that do scare her, scare her so severely that she is rendered not a dog, but a vibrating blob of trembling sissy-ness.  Things like….

1)  Rearranging the living room, or any single piece of furniture
2)  Pulling back the window curtain while the strata lawn-cutter is in our back yard
3)  Vacuuming
4)  being a doorbell sound effect on the TV
5)  turning on the shower
6)  Starting the dishwasher, when she is standing anywhere on the same floor (and she’s only allowed on the first floor)

I could go on, but I think you get the point… MY dog won’t be winning any hero competitions any time soon.



that goes for you too, Abercrombie!

2013-4-4I’m pretty sure that this is joke has been made a million times, but I don’t really care.  This strip is more for Diana, I think she’ll get a kick outta it.  I think stores that do this are stupid.
When you go to a thrift shop, everything is florescent lighted, and you can see all of the weird stains on all of the weird clothes that you’re gonna buy.  Colours don’t look great under florescent light, it’s hard on the eyes and you never really know what it’ll look like under normal lighting situations, but at least you can see the stuff.  I guess when you go to a retail store like abercrombie and fitch or hollister, people assume that the clothes are gonna be awesomely trendy and in great condition… but i mean, COME ON!  I wanna SEE what the clothes will look like!  It’s bizzare to me, especially with hollister, as it’s supposed to be this sorta california surfer brand, that it would be dark in there… night time surfing, i guess? I don’t know.   Whatever.  I guess i’m officially an old man.