winter is for ovens, summer is for BBQs

2013-7-2Yesterday was a scorcher!  Today will be as well.  Not that I am complaining, it’s been rainy for a long while and it is nice to see some sun!

When I lived in regina, in an apartment, in the summer time, I was a HUGE pain to the rest of my room mates i’m sure because I firmly believed in heat management.  AKA, if it was hot, you had to turn off the lights.  Why?  Because this was back in the day before fancy no-heat LEDs and stuff like that!  If anything, we had SUPER-HEAT-HALOGENS or something.  Lights generate heat.  It made for some dark apartment days.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!



Cultus Lake Beach Day!

2013-7-1So, summer hits chilliwack like a ton of bricks!  Seriously came out of nowhere, and it is very welcome to stay for as long as it likes!  Of course, seeing as it is CANADA DAY (woo) and this is a long weekend, I should of suspected that there would be a bit of a line up to get out to the lake…. But I didn’t suspect it, and I didn’t take any of the shortcuts, and it took us a half an hour to get there.  That’s really not that bad, considering when I lived in saskatchewan, it would take me two days of driving to get to cultus… so, you know.
Happy Canada day!  Hope you’re celebrating it in the traditional fashion… BBQ’s, Swimmin, Camping, and complaining about going back to work tomorrow!  😉



Better safe then sorry


When you live in british columbia, or i imagine in washington, or pretty much anywhere in or close to the west coast (or the east coast, or any coast), rain happens whenever it feels like it.  FOR EXAMPLE: yesterday, (sunday), was a blisteringly hot (25c) day!  Then, we had a thunderstorm and a torrential downpour.  Then it was back to normal.
Just when you think it’s summer time, it starts raining again.  Just when you think the rain will never stop, BOOM, summer time!  It’s great.
SO!  I was watching penny arcade’s Strip Search!  It’s the reality TV show where web cartoonists FIGHT IT OUT for a great prize!  I watched it ALL this weekend, and I can hardly wait for the season finale!  In any case, it’s so inspiring to watch!
When I was drawing the “slow day” story, I was spending about an hour to an hour and a half on the strip every day, if not two hours.  That’s a long time for me… I made some of my favourite strips during that arc.  Watching this show, and realizing that most web cartoonists are spending like, 5+ hours per strip made me feel absolutely ridiculous for thinking that an hour and a half was a long time.  The “new style” that i’ve been doing for the last 60 strips or so is a sort of stream-lined process that I can draw while on the iPad watching TV with Diana…  But watching this show has made me really miss using the ol’ intuous tablet, so today’s offering is my attempt to use the ol’ drawing tablet again, and actually spend some time on it and not just try to make it as fast as possible.  FUN!
SO looking forward to the season finale of strip search!  GO KATIE GO!