So long sweet summer

It’s cold where you’re going, I hope that your heart’s always warm! Points to you if you know the song and as you read that, it started playing in your head. There’s a special place in my heart for whiny 2000’s emo. Maybe you share that particular brand of nostalgia?

All good things must come to an end! But every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end, which means the end is where you begin, and I’m running out of songs to quote. I am looking forward to the fall, but I will definitely miss the pace of sabbatical. I feel very rested, so mission accomplished.

quiet, peaceful, serene…

2014-8-24Ah, kids.  they’re always kicking soccer balls really hard at yah and throwing Frisbee’s at your face.

Yesterday, cultus lake was an interesting experience.  We usually go to maple bay, which is the beach furthest from the entrance to the park, which is usually the least populated even during the busy weekends.  …This was not the case yesterday.

It’s hard to relax and read a book when there are several different groups of children playing sports HARD a meter away from where your 8 month old daughter is sitting.  And!  and it’s not like we set up our picnic beside sports that were already going!  Nope, they looked at the ENTIRE open field and decided, “Next to that baby will be a good place to play sports”.  AND, they were all just young enough to not be able to control where the ball/frisbee/botche/anything were going.  RELAXING INDEED!

I guess this is how I turn into an old curmudgeon of a man.  I EMBRACE IT.  GET OFF MY LAWN.


don’t be that guy


you know, that guy who complains about the heat in the summer, the cold in the winter, allergies in the spring and rain in the fall…  unless you are in a drought, which i know many Californians are, or in a flood, which many saskachewan people were, in which case i think you can lament…  but to the rest of us, i say, pick a favourite season and just enjoy it.  yay!!!


…i tend to go a little squirrelly…


it was SUCH a beautiful day yesterday!  We went to Kawkawa lake yesterday, got a perfect place in the shade near the tree line by the beach… it was one of those hot days where the water beckons!  I don’t usually like to go swimming, but i do like taking my little inflatable boat out for a spin.  Usually the worst part is getting in, because it is impossible not to get drenched in the process, but yesterday, i didn’t even mind!

It’s looking like the next few days, or possibly weeks, will be similar!  super excited.  Anyways- remember to drink lots of water and wear a hat when you are outside in the summer heat!  😀





So, saturday was solstice!  Had a great time at the beach with some friends, watching the sun hide behind a mountian at like 8pm, and realizing it wasn’t a great place to watch the solstice sun set.

Here’s a song!

Have a great week everyone!

it’s a little hot.


So, it’s not like a billion degrees or anything.  I think we’ve had a high of twenty five (Celsius)?  BUT!  it’s a SUNNY 25!  and my office has a big window facing the sun.  The sun turns my office into a sauna.  I just sit there sweating.  Fans don’t do NUTHIN’ if they’re blowing hot air at yah!  Anyways, I had the heat madness a little bit!  Heat madness drives me to rash decisions.

In any case, it’s feeling like summer, and that is always a good thing!  For some reason, I think the sound-track to this summer is kicken’ off with a little Dashboard Confessional’s “Stolen”, which can be heard here.

Time heals all wounds

2014-3-7having grown up in Saskatchewan, the Canadian province that doesn’t participate in daylight savings time, I find the whole concept incredibly frustrating.

I don’t complain as much in the fall, when I get an extra hour of sleep (right?  extra hour of sleep in the fall? DANGIT) but it takes me like a week to get used to waking up an hour earlier.

Usually, I just rely on my phone to set itself, and I don’t think about it at all… EXCEPT that my iphone has sorta got messed up, and has started setting the time incorrectly… like, 3 hours off incorrectly, so i’ve had to manually set the time, and that makes me think it won’t set the time properly!  Which means i don’t get to be lazy about it this year.

Next year, when daylight savings time comes around, i’ll have to remember to make a comic about something else!  haha.  I feel like this is the third year in a row that i’ve made a comic like this one.

Have a great weekend everyone!