interviews! they’re the best.

cge005…so i start thinking like whatever tv show i happen to be binge-watching.

scrubs was the first tv show that i borrowed from a friend on dvd.  afterwards, i wanted to be a doctor, but you know, without the med school and actual work.  After that, it was smallville, which made me want to be superman.  Now, with netflix, there is no end to new and unrealistic career aspirations!

have a great monday everyone!  i the weathers good, go outside!  if the weather sucks, watch some downton!  if downton sucks, well, there’s not much i can do then, is there?



2013-6-12SVU has ruined me forever.  Here’s how a typical episode of Law and Order SVU plays out.  The cops go and interview a person, who points them at a different person… But let me just save you some time: that first person is the one who did the deed.  Just arrest them.
Seriously though, this little “therapist” “the rapist” confusion happens to me all the time.  I always need to read the word three or four times to make sure, because it really changes the tone of an article.
So Diana’s out of town!  until SATURDAY.  BRUTAL.  Bored out of my mind.  So I went and watched Startrek last night, the new one, finally, a month or so after it was released!  OH MAN.  So good!  I really enjoyed it.