Gingko’s is my FAVOURITE likely-inauthentic-but-still-delicious Chinese food restaurant in Chilliwack, which is where I live!  There are 3 locations for convenience’s sake!  and every item on the menu costs the same low-low price!  I seriously can’t get enough of it.


at one of the locations, they have a fish infestation.  The worst part is the fish tanks/fish tank smells are everywhere, but a big fish tank is right by the door, and when you walk in, the fish get startled and swim away really quickly, which makes a disgusting splashing fish sound.  -bloop- is the word i choose to describe it.  it sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it!

This doesn’t have to be a problem as I don’t have to go to this particular location, but the 3 locations each close on a different day of the week, and the one that is closest to me (and somewhat fish-free)  is usually closed when I want Chinese food… which means I can either drive 15 minutes to fish location, or 30 minutes to the other fish-free option.  I’m cheap, which is why I eat there to begin with, so it’s unlikely i’ll spend the gas money.

Anyway!  Have a great day everyone!  Eat some Ginkgo’s!


in mourning

cg72 100Welp, charlie 2 is dead.  Charlie the hamster, that is.  He died sometime yesterday.  As much as I was joking about it, and believe me, i’ve been joking about it, i think it’s really sad.  So, without further hesitation, here are five twitter eulogies for my hamster charlie 2.
1)  Rest in peace, charlie 2.  You were a good hamster.  Charlie died the same way he lived:  stuck in his wheel, crapping on himself.
2)  Rest in peace, charlie 2.  My favourite memory of you is that one time you ate your way out of the box on the way home from the pet store and i put you in a tupperware to keep you from biting me.
3)  Rest in peace, charlie 2.  Too bad you died; you were just starting to not suck as a pet.
4)  Rest in peace, charlie 2.  i’ll miss the way you make me feel about myself; superior in every way.
5)  Rest in peace, charlie 2…  Charlie 3 better not die of wet tail or i’m gonna freakin’ lose it.

So, as i am in the middle of mourning my pet, i am also in the middle of celebrating the creation of many new lives!
Congrats to my cousin Aaron and Quinn for havin a baby!  and also to Josh and Jasmine!  And also to Clayton and Sunshine!  I just realized i put all the guys names first, and if there is ever an occasion where it would be more appropriate to put the girl’s name first, it’s probably when congratulating a couple who just had a baby.  Anyways, that realization obviously won’t stop me from leaving it the way it is, so yeah.  Let me tell you: January is truly baby having season.
…and April’s just around the corner.  But how can I think about kid-having if i can’t even keep my danged hamster alive?  BUHHGH.