Coming to a classy restaurant near you

2014-3-10My mom and dad actually invented this “food”.  It’s TOTALLY as bad as it sounds! Don’t believe me?  Well, make a whole platter of them today and find out for yourself!  You’ll regret it almost instantly.

I felt like drawing on my ipad again, just to try it out, and so we have this comic!  …Gotta say, while it is fun to draw on the ipad, i wouldn’t go back to using it as my primary drawing device.  The whole reason Charlie looks like he does now and not like the spiky-haired version you see on the banners is originally because I WANTED to use my iPad to draw (so i wasn’t stuck in my office) and i couldn’t get him looking the same, transitioning from an old big intuos tablet to the iPad, so i had to simplify the design.  Interesting little tid-bit for yah!

But that being said, I wouldn’t trade my surface for anything.  Pressure sensitivity on a screen?  basically, a cheap cintiq?  it’s my favourite.